Are Fingerprint Door Locks Secure? Get The Best Know About Them

In today’s modern technology era, fingerprint locks stand out as one of the most chosen locks to protect the house. Many people love this item for its unique unlock ability but wonder if its security will meet their needs.

You can wonder: ‘Are fingerprint door locks secure?’ The answer is Yes.

They can provide great security for your home. You can gain control of your house, and only those with your permission can go through that security layer.

This article gives you an overview of this item and some related issues. Scroll down for more information!

What Are Fingerprint Door Locks?

A fingerprint door lock is an electronic tool with a high-security function that is no stranger to families worldwide. It has a biometric technology design that uses its fingerprint to create a password.

Each person has a different print, creating a special biological feature that helps to identify a person accurately.

Therefore, manufacturers have applied this to their inventions and launched lock products with security beyond your imagination.

The world market is diverse, with many different types of security locks. Some firms even develop products that include a password or a card combination.

That doubles the excellent security for this product category, providing the best user experience.

Are Fingerprint Door Locks Secure?

A Product of password+fingerprint combination

Are Fingerprint Door Locks Secure?

The fingerprint door lock is safe. You certainly don’t want your home to be left behind in today’s technologically advanced age. Equipping this item is a popular solution, but the question is, does it bring security at all?

If you are wondering about this, the answer is, you can be assured of security when using this item. This type of lock can only be activated when a previously saved fingerprint pattern is scanned. That means, except yourself and those you allow, no one can break into your home.

What about forced entry? Types of locks that use keys tend to be easily broken after a period of strong physical impact on them.

Meanwhile, this will not be possible if you use this item. It will create an impenetrable layer of security, and at the same time, notify you of unauthorized entry through its application.

Are Fingerprint Door Locks Secure?

This item can provide a superior security mode

However, everything has two sides. Besides the outstanding security features, this product also has some dangers that you should consider.

In today’s electronics market, it’s not difficult to find a product of this type to protect your property. But remember, these sets of keys vary in security.

You need to carefully consider the features, as well as your economic conditions when looking to buy a set of this product. Like all other types of locks, this item cannot completely avoid the risk of organized, technical brute-force intrusion.

Although this happens only in a very small percentage, it is well worth your attention, and looking for some other backup measures to protect your assets.

Top Fingerprint Door Locks For You To Consider

If you are looking for some items for your house, here we have dozens of choices available for you to choose from. Before making a purchase, please ensure that the item you chose is suitable for your budget and security level.

  Brand Product name
1 Lockly smart
2 Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Keyless
4 Kwikset Halo Touch Smart
5 TackLife Door Lock
6 Samsung SHS-H700 Digital
7 Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled
8 Sifely Keyless Entry
9 Lockly Secure Pro Bluetooth Smart
10 Adel Keyless Biometric
11 Aegis Biometric Deadbolt
12 Ardwolf A20 Biometric
13 EZ lock ELC05 Keyless IC Card


How Long Does This Type Of Lock Last?

Depending on the brand and usage, the lifespan of these locks varies.

Big brands often focus on this so that their products have a longer lifespan and stick with users longer. That’s why these products are getting better and better in terms of how long they can last.

According to average estimates, a product can work best for two years. After this ideal period, they will begin to show signs of wear and tear and need your prompt intervention.

But remember, you are also a factor that affects more or less this prolonged time. Please protect the product from external shocks, regularly check and maintain. That’s how to extend the life of your home’s security products.

How Do Fingerprint Door Locks Work?

About the working mechanism, this lock works by scanning the user’s finger print, then converting it into a numerical template. This process will save your scanning, convert and save these templates as keys.

When you place your finger on the sensor, the scanner will recognize your fingerprint, then compare it with the patterns in the key list. If there is a match, it will allow you to open the door.

If the unauthorized person still tries to do this, this product will show an error and will never unlock for them.

Are Fingerprint Door Locks Secure?

Some settings close-up

Do Fingerprint Door Locks Have Any Risks?

Besides the excellent security features, this item also has some risks detrimental to you while using progress.

The first thing that we want to mention to you is that the electrical condition greatly affects this type of product. You may be locked outside/inside your home because of a power failure. Many users turn to UPS or battery backup solutions, but these will still leave you in a little mess.

The fingerprint is the key to entering the house – a high-security feature.

But think about it, what if your biological key accidentally becomes unrecognizable (by burns, water, or oil, for example)? Without looking for some redundancy, you will certainly not be able to avoid the trouble associated with it.

The final problem is that its security is not 100% guaranteed. These lock models are reaching a higher level of security day by day. Once they steal the fingerprint- or hack the lock’s system, you’re in for a big problem.

Are Fingerprint Door Locks Secure?

Some backup solutions might be the key.

Final Verdict

Excellent security features have made biometric locks one of the top choices to protect the home from illegal intrusion. It gives you absolute control over your house and greatly prevents danger when you are not at home.

We hope that you will no longer encounter any problems with “Are fingerprint door locks secure?” anymore through this article. If you are interested in it, do not hesitate any longer. Order one now and enjoy its amazing possibilities now!

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