Top 7 Best Fingerprint Door Locks Reviewed and Rated in 2022

Best Fingerprint Door Locks Reviewed and Rated

Do you look for the best Fingerprint door locks? The traditional way of locking the door with a key is gradually becoming obsolete with the emergence of more outstanding security methods. The Fingerprint door lock is one of them.

Fingerprint door locks not only protect your home from intruders but are also much more convenient when you don’t have to carry your keys with you. At the same time, you can also share the unlock method with family members.

best finger print door lock

But not every option can give you the same good experience. That’s why you should refer to the best Fingerprint door locks below.

Buying Guide

Before coming to the list of the best innovative versions, you should refer to the important information below.

Type of door

Before learning about any intelligent features, you need to determine the type of door the product supports.

Some locks are only suitable for the front door. Meanwhile, the bedroom lock is slightly different from the back door lock.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the compatibility between the device and the door. Choosing a safe and harmonious product with a design will give you the best experience.

Unlock mechanism

In addition to Fingerprint unlocking, your choice should provide flexible unlocking methods in many different situations. Some of the most prominent unlocking ways are physical keys, traditional keys, and voice activation.

Some higher-end products offer to unlock via smart apps or virtual assistants.


Security is the crucial factor you need to pay attention to when choosing a lock.

Nowadays, you can find products that offer two-step authentication. Some other options have an auto-lock feature that is entered incorrectly 5 times in a row.

best finger print door lock

You should also pay attention to products that integrate with applications on smart devices. With this integration, you can keep track of your unlock history at any time, even from a distance.

Not only interested in high technology, when it comes to the security of the key, you also need to consider the product’s ability to withstand physical impact. Materials such as zinc stainless iron with a giant load will be much safer in protecting the house from intruders.

The Best Fingerprint Door Locks (In-depth Reviews)

The features above can be confusing if you haven’t learned enough about Fingerprint locks. However, you can easily find products that meet all of the above requirements with the suggestions below.

#1. Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch – Best for Overall

Product’s highlights

You have no shortage of options when searching for the best Fingerprint door lock. However, it will be challenging to find an almost perfect product like Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch.

There is absolutely a basis for the above assertion because Eufy Security has all the features you look for in an intelligent lock device.

The first is reliable Fingerprint recognition. It uses local storage to store your Fingerprints and encrypts data with the AES128 chip with bank-grade security. In addition, the product’s precise scanner also enhances security.

Another advantage that makes you not ignore Eufy Smart Lock is its excellent durability. As the manufacturer provides, the product still works well after 250,000 tests.

In addition, the high-load stainless steel material of the lock also contributes in no small part to the durability that defies all wear and tear.

Last but not least, this smart lock is easy to install. It would help if you had essential tools. Compared to some models you have to rely on the manufacturer’s help to install, Eufy Smart Lock is worth more consideration.

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  • Easy to install.
  • Encrypt Fingerprint data with bank-grade security AES128 chip.
  • Accurate scanner.
  • Flexible unlocking.


  • It does not support HomeKit or IFTTT

#2. ULTRALOQ Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro – Best for Versatility

Product’s highlights

In addition to providing Fingerprint unlocking, ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro also allows unlocking by keyboard, voice command, mobile application, and key.

By offering a full range of methods available, ULTRALOQ deserves to be the most versatile product available today.

Not simply a multi-function lock, the product also possesses a series of other intelligent features to improve security and user experience.

One of the essential features of Ultraloq is Smart bolt Control. With this feature, you can control all relevant information such as unlocking time, unlocking person, access rights, etc. All with Bluetooth connection and phone app.

Another advantage of this product is that you can grant access. You will grant access to guests and employees. This feature will be handy if you are a room renter or have a housekeeper or housekeeping staff.

In addition to high security, this smart Fingerprint door lock is also the first choice if you are looking for a durable product. Compared with traditional options, ULTRALOQ has 35 times the durability and 10 times longer life.

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  • Can share access.
  • 35 times more durable than traditional residential locks.
  • Flexibility in unlocking methods.
  • IP65 dustproof.
  • Capable of storing up to 100 Fingerprints.


  • Auto-lock is pretty fast.

#3. Eufy Security Fingerprint Keyless Entry – Best for Minimalist Design

Product’s highlights

The Fingerprint door lock is not simply a device to help protect your home. A good Fingerprint door lock must also be aesthetically pleasing, matching your door design.

If your apartment pursues minimalism, Eufy Security Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door is the product that meets the above requirements.

The first impression that the product gives is solid and sturdy because this intelligent model is made from zinc-plated stainless steel with glossy black paint.

Besides bringing high aesthetics, the above material also helps the bolt with a load of up to 1121kg, good wear resistance.

The sleek, modern design is a plus. However, to become the best Fingerprint door lock, the product needs more than that. Understanding this, the manufacturer has equipped this version with many innovative technologies.

Firstly, it is impossible not to mention the Fingerprint recognition technology that is both fast and accurate. It only takes you 0.3 seconds for the device to recognize the Fingerprint and 1 second to open the door.

Compared to using traditional keys, it is clear that the above technology is much more convenient.

Secondly, Eufy also integrates a sensor to open and close the door automatically. You will appreciate this intelligent feature in cases of rushing to leave the house in emergencies.

Finally, this lock pattern is a highly secure option. Instead of storing your personal information in the cloud-like some other products, Eufy used a local application. Therefore, you will not face the risk associated with the leakage of private information.

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  • Auto-lock feature.
  • Modern, elegant design.
  • Keep all personal information safe.
  • Fingerprint recognition in just 0.3 seconds.


  • It does not support HomeKit or IFTTT

#4. SMONET Fingerprint Electronic Deadbolt – Best for Endurance

Product’s highlights

One of the most impressive advantages of the Smonet Fingerprint Door Lock is the certainty and durability of the product.

You almost can not doubt the safety that zinc alloy material brings to the body. Besides, this model also uses four AAA batteries with a usage time of up to about 6 months.

The product’s reliability comes from the exterior design and intelligent features such as the management application. Based on this app, you can check the unlock history.

At the same time, thanks to the intelligent application, you can also customize the password for different objects to improve security and convenience.

Another impressive advantage of this product is the ability to control voice. You can also lock/unlock remotely, thanks to the wireless connection. Thanks to a helpful feature that the manufacturer provides, you can even monitor the lock even when you are not at home.

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  • Can share passwords quickly and conveniently.
  • Fingerprint recognition in just 0.5 seconds.
  • 5 ways to open the door.
  • Management via the app.
  • Durable, safe.


  • There is no intelligent hub connection option.

#5. ULTRALOQ Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro – Best for Ease of Control

Product’s highlights

The first commendable point of ULTRALOQ Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro is that you can control the lock anytime, anywhere.

As long as you connect the device to the available Bridge wifi and use the application provided by the manufacturer, you can monitor all the information of Ultraloq.

In addition to providing impressive smart device tracking capabilities, the manufacturer also allows you to control the device with virtual assistants like Alexa or Google. It’s also compatible with IFTTT and Apple Watch – a big plus if you’re looking for an intelligent device.

Another advantage that you should consider with Ultraloq is that the lock offers up to 6 different opening methods: Fingerprint with high accuracy, numeric keypad, smartphone, shake to open, automatically unlock, mechanical key.

This support for unlocking methods will be instrumental if your family has many members, especially in families with children and the elderly, who often have difficulty opening Fingerprints.

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  • Various unlocking methods.
  • Compatible with IFTTT.
  • Support control by a virtual assistant.
  • It can be viewed and controlled remotely via the app
  • High security.


  • The auto-lock is pretty quick.

#6. ULTRALOQ Smart Lock 5-in-1 Keyless – Best for Rental Homes

Product’s highlights

If you are a rental homeowner and want to increase the security of your home, you will need the innovative solution, Ultraloq Lever.

The most outstanding feature of this product compared to some other models is that you can generate a temporary access code. You can also use Ekeys to create access codes according to specific dates and times. The above feature will be handy for a house with a housekeeper hourly cleaner.

In addition to the above impressive advantages, Ultraloq Lever is also surprising with its high durability. The product has undergone quite a bit of testing and can withstand quite a bit of physical impact. So you can rest assured that the strong effect of the object you want to break into will not affect the security of the key.

Finally, one of the advantages that you will definitely like is that the product is straightforward to install. With just a few home tools and 10 minutes of installation, you can protect your apartment with the most advanced series of smart locks available today.

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  • Smart apps control unlock history, low battery notifications, and valuable features.
  • Easy to install.
  • Resistant to all physical impacts.
  • Share access codes via Ekeys.
  • Support voice guidance.


  • High price.

#7. Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock – Best for Budget

Product’s highlights

Smart features and high security make Fingerprint door locks often cost many times more than traditional locks. However, that does not mean that you cannot find products with more reasonable prices but still ensure safety.

Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock is proof that you can still save a bit on your budget but still have all the intelligent features.

The first innovative feature is the wifi Gateway to control the device remotely. This integrated application can also monitor the battery level and current lock status.

The second is the device’s impressive storage capacity. This one can store up to 200 codes and 150 Fingerprints. Besides, you can also categorize code types into Permanent, Temporary, or Recurring to use them at different times.

Finally, like any other intelligent model, it offers many different ways of opening, from Fingerprint, code, smartphone to traditional keys.

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  • The price is lower than some models with the same features.
  • Safely wifi Gateway.
  • Store 200 codes and 150 Fingerprints.
  • Auto-lock
  • Power Bank compatible.
  • Manage the Smart Lock application on your computer.


  • It does not support Google assistant


The above information has helped you have a thorough understanding of Fingerprint door locks. Now it’s time for you to address all questions about this effective home protection device through the frequently asked questions below.

Do All Smart Locks Require Batteries?

All smart locks are battery-powered. You will have to replace the battery every few months, depending on the type of battery your device uses.

Some products have built-in phone apps that alert you when the power supply becomes low. As a result, you can promptly replace the battery so as not to interrupt the device’s apartment protection duties.

How can intelligent Locks Work with Existing Deadbolts?

There are two ways for the smart lock to work with the latch.

First, some locks are attached to the stopper as an accessory. In this case, you do not need to replace the entire door stopper, but you can still equip a Fingerprint recognition lock.

Meanwhile, quite a few smart models today act as an independent stop. You can completely replace the stopper after you install it. Before choosing this type of lock, you need to make sure the device is compatible with the door.

What are the different types of door locks?

There are 7 different types of door locks:

  • Knob one: This type of lock is not too suitable for external doors because the security is not too high.
  • Cam one: This type of lock often appears on loading cabinets, desk cabinets, and display cabinets.
  • Latch one: This model can resist physical impact, thus protecting from theft and break-in.
  • Wave one: Portability is the most significant advantage of this type of security.
  • Mortise one: Compared to basic cylindrical safety, a mortise one uses a knob or lever, thus providing more excellent protection.
  • Numeric keypad one: As the name suggests, you must enter a particular sequence of numbers to lock the door with this type of lock. Compared with conventional key-based security devices, the numeric keypad has greater flexibility.
  • Smart one: the intelligence of this security method comes from the ability to open with many different ways such as Fingerprint, phone, key fob. Besides, the feature of this type of lock is that it can be connected wirelessly and controlled by other smart devices.

Can smart locks be hacked?

Sadly, the answer is yes. However, if you regularly update security software and ensure proper installation, the security of this device is still much higher than the traditional security lock method.

Why is it hard to put my key in the door lock?

The leading cause of the above phenomenon may come from a foreign object clogging inside the lock. Or, if the key is warped, the safety is dry, and you will also get stuck when trying to open the door with the key.


There is no denying the benefits that the best Fingerprint door lock brings.

You both protect your home better, and you don’t always have to carry and search for your keys. Besides, you can also control the unlocking history or share the unlocking method with relatives and friends.

Hopefully, the information and suggestions in the article help you have a basis for choosing a product that can bring the above great experience.

Thank you for reading!

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