[Top 8] Best Smart Lock For Airbnb Of 2022 With Buyer’s Reviews

Best Smart Lock For Airbnb Reviews

AIRBNB of the hotel industry is a potential field. Yet, to go further in this business, you should invest in accommodation equipment, including smart locks.

The best smart lock for Airbnb not only saves time and effort in sharing in and out of the apartment but is also an effective tool to help you control the arrival and departure of guests.

best smart lock for airbnb

There are many benefits that intelligent locks bring to the rental business that you do not know yet. If you are interested in this field, do not ignore any useful information below. Let’s dive into this article to get it clear!

Buying Guides

Choosing a smart lock for a specific purpose or user can be more complex than you think. But with the following guidelines, you will have a solid basis to quickly make a decision when faced with many options available on the market.


The difference between a smart lock and a traditional lock is not simply in modern unlocking methods. The intelligence is reflected that you can control all information through the application on your phone or tablet.

This feature is even more important when you offer Airbnb rentals. Because a product with an intuitive and easy-to-use control application always wins the hearts of visitors.


For rentals, you will grant access to remote clients. Therefore, a device with a wireless connection and fast response speed will make your work more convenient than ever.

The battery

You will need a product that can be ready to use at any time. Therefore, the lock’s battery capacity and standby time are worth considering.

Products that can work well for months or even years should receive a big plus. Besides, it would help if you also were interested in lock patterns that can send notifications about battery capacity to your smartphone.


Some locks are so challenging to set up that they can take you 1-2 hours. Meanwhile, some lock models only take 10-15 minutes to install. You certainly have your own choice when comparing the correlation between the two key patterns.

In-depth Reviews Of The Best Smart Lock For Airbnb 2022

Without making you wait any longer, here is a list of the best smart locks for Airbnb worth investing in today.

#1. Yale Assure Lock – Best for Overall

Product’s highlights

Among many smart lock models today, Yale Assure Lock emerges as a pretty perfect product when it has all the factors you look for: high security, convenience, and ease of installation.

First, in terms of security, with DoorSense, the product provides an automatic door opening and closing mode.

You can also check the current status of your device via the virtual assistant. Thanks to that, wherever you are, you will also know the security situation.

When choosing a key for Airbnb, high security is not enough. The equipment also needs to be convenient and easy to use, especially suitable for many different objects, and the Yale Assure Lock is an example.

This product allows you to share access permanently, temporarily, or on a scheduled basis. You no longer need to change and provide keys for each guest, so running Airbnb will also be much simpler and more convenient.

In addition, the final consideration of this representative from Yale Assure is the excellent fit with standard doors. You can also easily install the lock without the need for complicated equipment or previous installation experience.

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  • Easy to install.
  • Fit all standard-sized doors.
  • Allow setting many different types of access codes.
  • Support virtual assistant.
  • High security.


  • A Z-Wave controller is for remote control.

#2. Hornbill Smart Door Lock with Keypad – Best for Durability

Product’s highlights

It is difficult for any name to surpass the Hornbill Smart Door Lock when judging based on durability.

The superiority of this lock model comes from the impact-resistant zinc alloy material. Besides, as Hornbill announced, the lock is IP65 waterproof and has an operating temperature range of -4 degrees F to more than 120 degrees F.

Compared with many products that receive feedback that does not work well when the temperature is too high or too low, Hornbill is a great choice that you should not miss.

The manufacturer pays attention to prolonging the life of the Hornbill and applies a lot of technology to make the lock more innovative and more valuable.

One of them is the ability to control access. As an Airbnb project manager, you’re sure to love the product’s power to grant access for weeks, even hours.

In addition, Hornbill also provides this model with an automatic locking feature. You can customize the lock time according to your habits to keep your apartment safe.

Compared to some products that do not allow setting lock times, this not-so-new but very convenient feature of Hornbill deserves praise.

Finally, it is impossible not to mention the notification feature that Hornbill provides. You won’t have to worry about the battery because the built-in app helps you monitor and alarm quickly.

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  • Waterproof, suitable for even harsh environments.
  • Zinc alloy, good impact resistance.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy setup and access control.
  • Smart reminder.


  • Do not support Google Assistant.

#3. SMONET Bluetooth Entry Keypad – Best for Smart Home

Product’s highlights

SMONET is a leading brand in the field of lock production in particular and devices used in smart homes in general. And SMONET Bluetooth Keyless Entry Keypad is the typical product of this brand because it has a series of unique advantages.

First, it is impossible not to mention reliable safety. The product provides an accurate and fast fingerprint recognition unlocking method. In addition, you can also use other convenient door opening methods such as remote control, password, and IC card.

Next is to support management via mobile applications. Only with a wireless connection can you check the unlock history and set up an access code.

Excellent durability is also a pretty proud advantage of this lock model. SMONET with zinc alloy material and long battery life can stay with you for years to come, even under physical impact from intruders.

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Durable zinc alloy material.

  • Long battery life.
  • Support unlocking in five ways.
  • Intuitive OLED display.
  • Fingerprint recognition in just 0.5 seconds and door opening in 1 second.


  • It can be a bit difficult to install.

#4. August Smart Lock – Best for Thumbturn Replacement

Product’s highlights

It’s time for you to upgrade your existing door latch. Instead of using a traditional handle, opening and closing the door with a mechanical key, why don’t you try using the August smart lock with many utilities?

You do not need to make too many changes when installing a smart lock. All you need to do is use August to replace the thumb turn on the inside of the door; you have changed the traditional door latch for more reliability and convenience.

This change means you can open the door with many other safe methods instead of using a standard mechanical key.

Specifically, you can unlock via the phone application, Apple Watch, pre-set code. In particular, when installing Auto-Lock and DoorSense, you don’t even need to use a key or phone, but you can still open the door quickly.

You’ll also want to use August in your smart home because the product is compatible with the most popular management systems such as Samsung SmartThings, and Philips Hue.

August works with virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa Google assistant. This compatibility makes ordering and managing your keys has never been so easy.

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  • Automatically lock and unlock.
  • Remote access via the app.
  • DoorSense detects the status of the door.
  • Voice control.
  • Compatible with your innovative home management system.


  • The padlock is quite bulky.

#5. Kwikset 99170-003 – Best for Convenience

Product’s highlights

If you own an apartment for rent and participate in the Airbnb business model, you will love the features that the Kwikset 99170-003 smart lock brings.

The first is the convenience of not requiring a key. You need to set up an access token and then share it with your customers. The validity of the code is based on the length of stay, thereby ensuring the apartment’s security.

In addition to the access code setting feature, this product also provides you with three customizable entry modes.

In particular, the auto-lock mode has the highest security when locking immediately after each entry and exit. The “Passage” mode is permanently unlocked, allowing customers and you to enter the apartment at any time.

Meanwhile, the “Disable Passage” mode always requires a code to access, helping to protect your rental property better.

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  • The door handle is reversible.
  • Three input modes.
  • Battery life is up to 3 years.
  • SmartKey Security protects the apartment from many advanced break-in techniques today.
  • The maximum number of access codes is 30 codes.


  • A bit challenging to install.

#6. HARFO Fingerprint Door Lock – Best for Unlock Records

Product’s highlights

With 30 access codes of Kwikset 99170-003 is more than enough for you to manage your rental property well. However, the HARFO fingerprint door lock did better than that when providing up to 300 access codes.

A large number of users above will be ideal if you have an office for rent business. In addition to the Airbnb field, you can also use this critical template for schools, libraries – and places with many users.

Not only allow batch generation of access codes, but HARFO also impresses with storing up to 2000 unlocking records. Again, the manufacturer provides a pretty helpful feature for the Airbnb business when you can check many customer access records using the service.

Besides impressing with a series of numbers, HARFO also won many hearts from users with o its ease of installation. Owning the complete set of products, you have all the necessary equipment and instructions to install and familiarize yourself with this lock model.

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  • Voice guidance is easy to understand and convenient.
  • The fingerprint recognition system has an accuracy of up to 99.86%.
  • 2000 unlock records.
  • Support up to 300 access codes.
  • Easy to install.


  • Do not support mobile applications.

#7. Kwikset 99130-002 – Best for Design

Product’s highlights

The first attraction of Kwikset 99130-002 is probably its luxurious design, high-quality metal materials with glossy paint. The product’s beautiful design is suitable for any architectural style, bringing high aesthetic efficiency.

But when it comes to security keys, good design is not enough. Understanding this, the manufacturer has never oriented Kwikset 99130-002 as a lock model with high aesthetics.

On the contrary, Kwikset has worked hard to develop this product with model number 99130-002 so that it can be a reliable choice for protecting your rental property.

As the manufacturer announced, Kwikset 99130-002 has achieved BHMA level 2 certification with quite good fire resistance. At the same time, SmartKey and Bump Guard lock technology also protects the product better against intrusions.

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  • One-touch lock.
  • The backlit keyboard shows well.
  • The Satin Nickel finish and thoughtful design make the safety suitable for various design styles.
  • Keyless is very convenient for rental.
  • High security.


  • The SmartKey Re-Key feature is a bit difficult to get used to.

#8. Geek Smart Door Lock – Best for Security

Product’s highlights

Geek is one of the most reliable options, considered the best smart lock for Airbnb. The product supports all the most modern unlocking methods available, from fingerprint, password, and RFID Card to Emergency keys or opening via the application.

In particular, the ability to unlock with fingerprint recognition of the product is entirely accurate and fast. It only takes you less than a second to confirm the fingerprint with the machine and open the door.

The product’s reliability also relies on connecting to the Geek Smart wifi Gateway. With this technology, you can remotely control security and manage arrivals and departures – essential features to anyone doing Airbnb.

The representative from Geek also has an impressive battery capacity. Battery standby time can be up to a year, so you can ensure that the product is always ready every time you hand over the apartment to guests.

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  • Support five ways to open the door without the key.
  • Compatible with Geek Smart wifi Gateway.
  • Easy to hold, even for the elderly and children.
  • Extended battery standby time.
  • Share access codes quickly and conveniently.


  • It’s a bit difficult to change the battery.


The items above have included guidelines and suggestions to make them easier to choose from. Now it’s time for you to learn the usage of some lock patterns through the frequently asked questions below:

How to reprogram schlage lock?

With Schlage brand products, you can reprogram the code by doing the following:

  • Step 1: Enter the current programming code. This first step is proven successful when the Schlage button flashes and the lock beeps.
  • Step 2: Press the Schlage button and the three keys simultaneously. After this, create a new programming code.
  • Step 3: After Schlage flashes and beeps three times, re-enter the code you just entered to confirm. Key reprogramming is successful when the Schlage button lights up green with a long beep.

Where Is the Program Button on a Kwikset Lock?

You’ll find the program button behind the interior lid, specifically inside the interior assembly.

How to Program a Schlage Deadbolt Lock?

Here are some Schlage critical programming operations:

  • Locate the programming code: You can find the programming code that comes with the label on the product.
  • Change the programming code: Based on the instructions above.
  • Add a new user code: First, press Schlage and one simultaneously until a beep appears and the Schlage button flashes.
  • Next, set up your minimum 4 digit maximum 8 digit access code. Then confirm the code by re-entering it. This operation succeeds only when the Schlage button flashes green, and the lock emits a long beep.

Why Your August Smart Lock Is Sticking: Quick Fix Guide?

There are quite a few reasons why your August lock might have this problem. Here are some causes and quick fixes:

  • A malfunction at the accelerometer: You can solve this problem by removing the smart lock and then replacing the accelerometer.
  • Motherboard error: the problem with the motherboard will be very difficult for you to solve yourself if you are not too knowledgeable in this area. Therefore, it is better to contact repair professionals to fix this situation as soon as possible.
  • Bluetooth connection error: You need to double-check your smart device to make sure Bluetooth is always on.
  • Wifi network difference: You can turn off the wifi network and connect to the smart lock again.
  • Battery drain: In this case, you can solve the problem quickly by simply replacing the battery.

Are digital locks worth it?

The digital key is worth your money. This type of lock brings relatively high security, convenience, and comfort to use.

You don’t have to carry a key, and you can also track and control your device via an intelligent app and more. If possible, you should invest in a digital padlock.


The smart lock is an indispensable solution for apartments for rent in the form of Airbnb. This product brings a series of great benefits such as high security, convenience, and easy tracking of customers’ arrival and departure schedules.

Therefore, if you have an apartment for rent in the form of Airbnb, you will need the best smart lock for Airbnb as well as the details shared above.

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