What To Do When Your Key Won’t Go In Lock

Key Won't Go In Lock

Although there are now many intelligent electronic locks on the market, many homes still use traditional locks. This type often encounters many situations, such as a broken lock or critical jam. So, what do we need to do when your key won’t go in lock?  You need to follow the steps below in this situation: …

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How Long Do Batteries Last In Smart Locks?

Batteries Last In Smart Locks

How long do batteries last in smart locks? The answer varies depending on various factors. Smart locks that work with Z-Wave or Bluetooth can last up to two years without recharging. Yet, locks that link to the Wi-Fi directly only last one to three months. This article will give you a complete answer for the …

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The Pros And Cons Of Smart Locks

Pros And Cons Of Smart Locks

Smart Lock is an invention that has received different reviews. Do you know the pros and cons of Smart Locks? This product launched brings many conveniences, such as monitoring or controlling remotely. You won’t have to worry about finding the key every time. Yet, it still has disadvantages such as dependence on electricity or the …

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