Different Types of Door Lock? What You Might Not Know!

Installing a new door means finding the right lock to protect your home and interior from outside intrusion. But how do you choose when there are so many different types of door locks?

Well, there are a total of ten types of locks available for you to choose from. Before making a decision, a piece of advice for you is to consider the security of the lock and the type of door you use. That’s how you can choose the ideal lock.

This article gives you an extremely comprehensive look at the types of locks that are popular today. Scroll down and explore if these items really work!

What Are The Different Types Of Door Locks?

This article covers ten of the most popular products that you often come across in your life. Please scroll down and check them out for a better look at them!

Knob Locks

Knob lock is no longer strange for modern-style houses today. It has a cylinder design; the cylinder is located inside the knob instead of in the door like some other locks.

This design offers average security. You can destroy it with just a few basic tools like a wrench or a hammer. That is why these products often appear in interior doors (such as the bathroom) instead of on the house’s front entrance.

Different Types of Door Lock


Cam Locks

Among the products, the cam lock appears as the most simplified version. This item has a cylindrical design and is located behind a wooden. Bolts are used to firmly fix this product to the door, resulting in a fairly easy installation.

Because of its small size and flexible operation, a cam lock often appears on the door of interior furniture, such as cabinets, mailboxes, file boxes, etc.

People can only open this product in one direction, so it never appears as a room lock. Its security level is in the medium range, more suitable for furniture.

Deadbolt Lock

Are you looking for an absolute safety solution to protect your home? Deadbolts are sure to satisfy you with their amazing design.

Deadbolt locks include three types, namely C, single and double. The simplest type is the single cylindrical latch, and you can activate it via the key. Meanwhile, the user can use the key on both sides in the double cylinder.

You can directly use the key or do it by turning the knob below the lock. After a “clack”, now the thumb turn is activated.

Besides the high-security feature, this type of product is very difficult to be damaged by physical impacts, and you cannot open it with hand tools like knives.

The durability and high security make this product work as the protection of every home’s entrance. By installing it, people can greatly prevent the risk of thieves from breaking into their workplace or home.

Different Types of Door Lock



Do you have too little time to install the door lock and want to find a temporary but safe solution? A padlock will be the choice you need right now.

Padlocks include two types, combination and keyed lock. They vary in size and shape. You will often come across a square or rectangular lock (and a U-shaped bar). One end of the lock is fixed, while the opening and closing of the other end are up to you.

These products are highly portable, which means you can use them anywhere. However, its security is not too high, so people usually only use it to protect gate doors, storage unit doors, and sheds.

Different Types of Door Lock


Mortise Locks

If you are looking for a solid product for your glass doors, apartment, or commercial exterior, you are best to try a mortise lock.

This type of lock includes two popular types: heavy and light-duty models. Mortise locks have a handle design and a keyhole, making a luxurious feeling in everyone who catches an eye on it. But what will surprise you is the lockset system inside!

These locksets may include some cylindrical levers or knobs. The installer drills a recess at the edge of the door to make a mortise during installation. They will then place the padlock in the mortise and use screws to secure it.

These products have extremely high security and extremely durable endurance. That is why people often entrust it to guard the most important exterior doors.


Handleset locks have a classic feel, so they often appear in dignified or contemporary homes.

This item includes a handle (on the outside) and a twist knob/keyed opening (on the inside). It works thanks to a locking system instead of a spring, which plays a big part in increasing security.

Hand Levers

Hand levers consist of a handle on one side and a knob/or handle on the other side. These two parts help users easily unlock from both sides without any hindrance.

This item is not a reasonable choice for the location of the door. Instead, it often appears on doors that don’t require security, like basement ones and closets.

Barrel Bolt

An option is available if you are looking for a simple lock that you can only open inside- a barrel. It operates on a locking bolt mechanism, also known as a “sliding bolt”.

This product consists of two parts, the main lock part (mounted on the door) and the part used to fix it when the lock is closed (located on the frame).

It is easy to use, does not take much time to install. So, many people combine them with other two-way locks to enhance the door’s security in the house.

Different Types of Door Lock

Barrel Bolt

Chain Locks

If you have ever been to a hotel, you must have seen a unique type of lock with strong chains – The chain locks. This type of item allows waiters to greet guests without opening the door.

The design of this unique item is quite simple. It includes the primary key (on the frame) and a catch (on the door’s frame).

The chain will stretch and protect the room from illegal entry when the door is ajar. Only when there is an unlock of the person inside (unlock the chain), people outside can enter the room.

Electronic Locks

The electronic lock is a smart choice with a high level of security above the standard. Most of these products do not require a key to open, instead of a card system or using the password. Some others incorporate the key unlock feature. If you forget the password or the card key, unlocking is no longer a big deal.

Some types of electronic locks can even connect to your phone through smart apps. Now, even if you are not at home, you can still greet your loved ones!

This product often appears on the door systems of offices, cases, and hotels.


What Is The Safest Lock For My Front Door?

Among the many types of locks, deadbolt door locks stand out as the product with the highest security feature. Deadbolts usually have a 3-level design, in which the 3rd level is the highest and brings absolute safety to your family.

Do You Need Two Locks On A Door?

The answer is a yes. Combining two locks can enhance the security of the house. What’s more, you no longer have to worry when one of these two items suddenly breaks.

Are All Door Locks The Same Size?

Door locks are quite variable in size, and it depends on the type of door you want to install this item. The most common sizes for a front door lock set are 2 3/4 inches and 2 3/8 inches.

Final Verdict

Locks are extremely diverse in design, use, and security. However, they all have the same purpose: to prevent unauthorized access from the outside. Thanks to that, our assets can receive the best protection without any problems.

Now, can you choose what you’re looking for among the different types of door locks? After this article, you have found the answer for yourself. Have a nice day!

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