Do All Smart Locks Require A Hub? Let’s Find Out In This Article

The advance of technology has made our life easier with numerous helpful inventions. Smart locks are one of the note-worthy devices that are becoming indispensable items for homes in the era of Internet-Of-Thing.

People who first used high-tech locks may have a question “Do all intelligent securities require a hub?” No, not all intelligent bolts need a hub to function correctly. Some models can work well even without a hub.

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How Does Smart Lock Work?

Before going deeper into the main topic of this article, we would like to give you a quick look at how the modern bolt works.

Manufacturers release modern locks that feature the deadbolt style and electro mechanical functions. Users will control the locking and unlocking function via diverse sources, like an encrypted key or intelligent devices.

Firstly, intelligent locks were only common among customers who wanted to apply a convenient and high-tech way of securing their rental properties. Thanks to a modern lock, you can save up your time whenever guests rent your place.

Instead of directly taking the guests to the rental location and opening the door for them, you can give them the lock’s password. Then, your guests can open the door by themselves.

More and more home owners have relied on modern locks for their household use until now. The reason is that this latest way of home security offers its users great convenience and freedom.

Do All Smart Locks Require A Hub?

Your house will be more secured with modern bolts

We bet that you at least once left your home or went to bed but still wondered whether you had locked the door or not. It is no longer your concern when you use an intelligent lock.

You can control all the intelligent security functions via your smartphones, like remote locking and unlocking the door. Besides, some models can automatically lock the door even when you forget to set it up.

Do All Smart Locks Require A Hub?

As mentioned above, we would like to stress again that not all modern bolts need a center for their proper function.

Although many models require hubs for the stable and effective connection with smart devices, some don’t. We mention the types whose components can connect with Bluetooth or Wifi without help from hubs.

These hub-free intelligent locks don’t run on Z-wave or Zigbee, like hub-required ones.

How Is A Smart Lock Compatible With A Center?

This item is a must-have component for anyone with a smart home system. A hub is a center for the transmission and conversion of signals among different devices in your smart homes.

Most importantly, hubs will allow you to hold the smart items in your house with the utmost convenience and efficiency.

All the high-tech devices in your innovative home system rely on the same hub to communicate with each other. Information from one piece of equipment will go through the center first before reaching the other one.

The hubs will process the distinctive signal from the sender to an understandable message for the receiver. Therefore, all things will work smoothly.

Do All Smart Locks Require A Hub?

Modern bolt is the new trend for home security

Why There Has To Be A Hub For A Smart Lock?

Center-free smart locks are electronic locks that contain numeric pad or fingerprint access to unlock the door. The only difference between this model item and an ordinary lock is that it doesn’t need a key.

However, only intelligent locks with hubs can bring you a sense of futuristic household objects and optimize your user experience.

In specific, center-required intelligent bolts offer you the ability to lock and unlock the door from a far distance.

You can check whether your door is locked or not via your smartphone. Hence, you can be secure when going to bed or leaving your house.

It would help if you bought the center from the same brand from which you got the lock for the excellent performance. Or else, it’s not easy to find an alternative to the center from other brands.

Do All Smart Locks Require A Hub?

An intelligent seal can work well with a center or not 

Why Should You Have Smart Locks?

There are many benefits to using advanced security tools, some of which are listed below:

#1 Key-free

It is the top-notch reason why more and more people prefer modern bolts to ordinary locks.

Key is a small metal piece that you almost neglect its existence all the time. As a result, you always forget to bring it with you or keep the key safe in your pocket.

Furthermore, sometimes, there are not enough keys included in the lock package for every member of your family. In such a case, modern locks with a numeric keypad or fingerprint access are an outstanding solution.

#2 Various Ways To Enter

Interestingly, you will never get bored with the unlocking mechanism of intelligent bolts. High-tech locks offer several unlocking options, like numeric keypad, fingerprint, voice control, eye access, etc.

#3 Multiple Users

This feature is particularly beneficial for users who have rental apartments. Taking the guests with you and opening the door for them is a story of the past.

With high-tech locks, all you have to do is give the guests the password of the locks. Then, if the password is correct, the door will automatically unlock for their entrance.

No matter how many guests there are, they can enter your rental spot via the password provided by you.

#4 Notifications About Locking

You can only take advantage of this feature with a hub-connected lock.

If you forget to lock the door when going out, the integrated app on your smartphone will alert you about the situation. So, you can make sure that your home will never be left unlocked.

#5 Remote Control

Locking and unlocking the doors from hundreds of kilometers away is not imaginary anymore.

Thanks to the compatible app on your smartphone, you will have a hold over your intelligent lock within your palm. Unluckily, this function is only available for intelligent safety with a hub.

Do All Smart Locks Require A Hub?

You can control your door from far away .


To answer the question “Do all smart locks require a hub?” We can say that not all intelligent locks need a center for proper activation.

You can still have a key-free lock for your place without hubs. But, for better and more impressive features, you should equip the intelligent locks with appropriate centers.

There are a lot of smart locks models you can opt for to set up at your house on the market. Why don’t you give it a try to upgrade your place?

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