Do You Need a Door Handle With a Smart Lock?

do you need a door handle with a smart lock

If you’re looking for a new door handle, you might want to consider one that works with a smart lock. These locks are able to be controlled through Wi-Fi or Z-Wave. This can help you keep tabs on who’s coming and going from your home.

Lever handles

Lever handles are a more modern alternative to door knobs. They’re more practical, more aesthetic, and offer better security. You can also install smart locks on your doors. The right ones will complement your home’s style.

Lever handles can be found in a variety of styles and finishes. Popular choices include Graphite Nickel, Matte Brass, and Oil Rubbed Bronze. But, you’ll also find levers in more esoteric metals, like bronze and chrome.

One of the most useful features of lever handles is their ability to allow you to open your door with your elbow. This is a huge benefit for people with limited grip. However, you should beware that some designs are particularly easy to catch on loose clothing. Likewise, you may be able to tear your door knob when you try to snag a piece of your clothing on it.

Z-Wave enabled

Z-Wave enabled door handles are great for smart homes because they can be controlled by the owner’s smartphone or keyfob. This is one of the biggest advantages of a smart home. It means you can enter and exit your home with just a tap of a finger.

Z-Wave works over a universal hub that is connected to a Wi-Fi network. This can be a smart phone, a smart home hub, a Bluetooth-compatible device, or a Z-Wave hub.

The Yale Assure Z-Wave Smart Lock has a backlit keyboard to input access codes. There is an auto-lock feature, too. Its sensor automatically senses when the door is closed, and the lock sends a signal after a certain period of time.

The Ultraloq U-Bolt Z-Wave Smart Lock is an advanced type of lock. It supports a wide range of smart hubs, and it is durable. Moreover, it offers remote control.

Wi-Fi enabled

Wi-Fi enabled door handles can offer the benefits of home security without the hassle of keys. However, you’ll still need to do the grunt work of locking and unlocking your doors. This is especially true if you live in a rental property.

Fortunately, WiFi enabled door handles aren’t hard to come by. They’re made by companies that have been in the business of making locksets for more than a decade. Plus, they’re not obnoxious to install. In fact, they’re designed to be seamless.

The best way to do this is to look for the smartest smart locks in the market. Some of these products even offer a solar-powered backup battery. Others put a motor outside the door.

One example is the Array by Hampton Connected Door Lock. Although it does not work with HomeKit, it does feature a solar powered battery backup. It also features a low profile retrofit design that’s perfect for renters.

Bluetooth enabled

There’s nothing like being able to unlock your door from anywhere in the world. That’s where a Bluetooth enabled door handle comes in. While Bluetooth doesn’t burn as much battery as Wi-Fi, it does require a nearby smartphone. Luckily, the Kwikset Aura smart lock has got you covered.

The most notable drawback to using a Bluetooth-enabled smart lock is that it’s not always in sync with your phone. This is a bummer if you’re in a hurry or are relying on the device to open your front door. Also, the smart lock can be a pain to program; the user must enter the pin number in order to set it up. One of the perks of having a smart lock is that it can be used to control other smart devices, a feature that can be a plus in the event of a house fire.

Google’s smart locks

Smart locks are a great way to secure your home and protect your valuables. These are devices that allow you to lock and unlock doors from your phone. They can be controlled using different types of security features, such as voice commands or a fingerprint reader. Choosing the right smart lock for your home will be an important decision.

Unlike a traditional key, smart locks will make your home easier to manage. This is a good option for people who often leave the house or have guests. With a smart lock, you can create temporary “keys” that you can give out to other people. You can also schedule your virtual keys.

Many of the newer smart locks have built-in Wi-Fi and connect to your home network. This makes it easier to set up and monitor your smart lock from your computer, smartphone, or even your home security system.

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