How to Change Codes on Keypad Door Locks? Step-By-Step Instructions

There’s no denying that the locks have a lot of benefits. They provide absolute security for your apartment, preventing it from thieves.

In addition, they do not require physical keys. Instead, all you need to do is lock and unlock the door by entering a password.

However, if you reveal the code, you will put your apartment at risk. So, change it as soon as you suspect it has been exposed.

The good news is that you can do it yourself without a locksmith. Let’s discover how to change codes on keypad door locks right now!

How to Change Codes on Keypad Door Locks?

Manufacturers have different processes for changing passwords. So, we will cover the three most popular brands, such as Schlage, Yale, and Weiser.

Schlage Digital Door Lock

It would be remiss to ignore Schlage products regarding door safety solutions. They offer both high-quality conventional and digital door locks. Here’s how to change the code on their digital door lock.

  • Step 1: Start by entering the programming code of six digits. Then, the button with the logo 3 times, and you will hear 3 beeps.
  • Step 2: Press your Schlage button. The keypad will let you know that it is ready to enter the code by turning blue.
  • Step 3: Enter your new user code, which consists of four digits. Wait until you get the three lights and three beeps again.
  • Step 4: Finally, enter your new user code again. If you succeed, the Schlage button turns green, and you will get one long flash and beep.

Check out this video for a better understanding.

Yale Digital Door Lock

How to Change Codes on Keypad Door Locks

Yale products are famous for many good reasons. Link

A default PIN code usually accompanies Yale door locks, and you have to change it before entering user codes. Here are three steps to program a Yale digital door deadbolt.

  • Step 1: Enter the master PIN code of 4 to 8 digits. After that, press the “#” button.
  • Step 2: Press 2 and then enter the user number. Next up with entering the PIN for that user.
  • Step 3: Finally, press the “*” button if you are finished or the “# “key if you want to set up another user.

3. Weiser Digital Door Lock

Like the two brands above, Weiser is well known for providing conventional & digital keysets. This guide applies to the popular Premis model of digital locks. Here is how to program a Weiser digital model.

  • Step 1: Start by opening your door and then lift off the interior cover of your lock.

After that, press the Program button once. You should see your device beep five times. Also, the checkmark icon at the bottom left of the keyboard will blink five times.

  • Step 2: Press this checkmark icon once and enter the master code. After that, press the lock icon once, and you are navigated to programming mode.
  • Step 3: Enter your user code (include 4 to 8 digits). Then, press the “Lock” key. The checkmark key will light, and you will hear a beep.

Why Do You Need to Change Keypad Password

How to Change Codes on Keypad Door Locks

It is wise to refresh your password every month. Source

There is no denying that these locks are very secure. However, one day, you might be able to give out your user code to your lover, best friend, or guest. It will not matter until the relationship between you and them breaks down.

On the other hand, if you suspect that your keypad code has been exposed, it is essential to remove it as soon as possible. Yet, this case happens very rarely.

So, only give access to people you trust. Also, you should refresh your user code every month.

When Should You Change Passwords on Your Keypad Locks?

In general, you should refresh your password once a month to get the best security. However, some cases require you to change your password immediately. So, what are those emergencies?

Shared Codes with Contractors

When you partner with several contractors who work from home, you often share access with them. It is normal! However, you need to remove your old password as soon as the contract ends.

Though they may not be a threat to your home’s security, better safe than sorry, right? So you can eliminate any risk by canceling the old password when the contract ends.

Moved into a New Home

As a default, you have to check the doors and locks first when you move into a new apartment.

For maximum security, check doors and windows and make sure they come with high-quality locks. If your new home integrates with smart locks, it is essential to change the security password.

Relationship Breakup

How to Change Codes on Keypad Door Locks

When your relationship breaks down, think about changing your password.

Before starting a relationship, no one wants it to end someday, right? However, if you have to go through that terrible thing, you should change or delete the old code if you shared it with your ex.

You should also apply this to any other people you have shared access to your home, no matter how much you trusted them before.

Security Alerts

Many intelligent security systems will alert you when an intruder tries to unlock your door. They also allow you to track the code the thief used.

Hence, if you notice that an intruder seems to have guessed your user code, change it as soon as possible.

Whatever you change your password for, make sure it’s easy for you to remember if you can’t remember your password because it is too complicated.

However, it is also not so predictable. So, avoid setting it up by your phone number, date of birth, or anything like that.


So, how to change codes on keypad door locks is not as difficult as many people think. But you must know which brand your model belongs to. Thanks to that, you will have an idea to change it properly.

Overall, these locks are very secure as almost no one can find your code. Thus, consider switching to them to get the best security for your home.

We still have many helpful security tips for your house, which are shared in other articles. So do not miss them! Thank you for reading!

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