How To Lock A Barn Door? 7 Easy Methods To Improve Privacy

Sliding doors are fantastic accent items that bring a rustic style and cozy country touch to any decor. As you know, they can be an exciting DIY project.

Yet, as charming and cool as they look, the most important thing you expect from them is the overall house security and privacy, right?

Let’s be sincere; no visitor wants to enter a bathroom that isn’t private and locked. So, if you wonder how to lock a barn door, this guide is the answer.

Below are seven simple ways of doing the task.

How To Lock A Barn Door?

Knowing how to secure a sliding door makes it a feasible solution for every room in your house. We’ve got these best methods which will help you lock it easily:

Tear Drop Latch

How To Lock A Barn Door

Teardrop latches offer high privacy. (Wikimedia Commons)

A teardrop latch is a specific lock named after its teardrop-formed design, used for bathrooms and bedrooms, though it applies to anywhere in a house.

Its unique locking method and shape offer more privacy and security than most standard locks, perfect for house areas where people treasure their privacy, such as the restroom and bedroom.

You can install this lock on your door jamb or the wall for additional versatility.

Eye Latch and Hook

An eye latch and hook system is the simplest solution to secure sliding doors. The locking mechanism is straightforward enough for anyone to figure out.

The eye latch and hook are ideal for adding privacy to a bathroom. The design allows you to lock the room from only the inside, increasing the isolation needed for a restroom.

However, if someone gets stuck, you can still unlock the latch by the door’s side, making this a convenient privacy item.

Padlock and Master Lock Hasp

Another affordable tactic is to utilize a padlock and hasp, which is no less secure than the above methods. You’ll need to substitute the short screws coming with the item with longer screws.

To set up the hasp, prepare a few tools, including a hasp arm, screwdriver, drill for drilling pilot holes, and a marker marking where you’ll create the holes.

Before fitting the stuff onto your sliding doors, ensure it fits the surface flat and doesn’t leave any gap since this can deter thefts from prying the doors open.

90° Flip Latch

How To Lock A Barn Door

A 90° latch applies to inside locking. (Piqsels)

90° flip latches are suitable for single barn doors, primarily used for doors that need locking from the inside, like a restroom or bedroom.

You don’t have to worry about whether this latch can fit right or left sliding doors since it will work for both.

Most latches come with short or small screws. We suggest replacing these with long screws for additional strength.

Yet, before fitting the longer screw, remember to consider the doors’ thickness since you don’t expect them to stick out on the other side.

Cylinder Rim Lock

A cylinder rim lock requires more tools and effort to install. The best idea is to have a locksmith set it up for you, though it may cost you some extra dollars.

This investment is worthwhile since these locks offer plenty of security.

While it’s more effortless to use hooks and latches from the inside of the room, we recommend going for cylinder rim locks when it comes to doing the job from the outside.

You can secure it from the outside using a key when you’re about to leave. Lock the doors when inside the room by simply using your fingers to twist the lock.

Homode Barn Door Lock

How To Lock A Barn Door

Homode locks are not sufficient for preventing burglars. (

Indeed, this locking system applies to providing privacy to homeowners in bathrooms or bedrooms rather than preventing thieves or burglars.

Why? Because someone can unlock it by inserting a flat item into the barn door’s gap and lifting the lock upward.

Still, we love installing it onto our bedrooms’ doors for adequate privacy.

Install Your Barn Door Inside The Room

Setting your doors inside the rooms will ensure no tampering with your sliding doors’ rail.

Also, it makes things more straightforward, particularly when you need to secure a padlock on the sliding rails.

Indeed, there’s no perfect way to guarantee security as burglars can always find a way to break in.

Sliding doors’ limited design may put them at a disadvantage, but installing them inside the room would help add a bit more security.

Do You Put Handles On Both Sides Of A Barn Door?

We do, indeed. Sliding doors require handles. Though they can slide smoothly on the rails, you will need a flush or recessed handle on one side and a pull on the latter side.

Since barn doors can be dense, ensure the handles are sturdy enough.

Notably, products with a double design need flush and pull handles on each part. The installation process occurs just like single products.

The flush or recessed pull handles can tuck away effortlessly when the door opens without damaging or scratching.

How To Lock a Barn Door from the Outside?

If you keep valuable things in your room or try to keep somebody out of the room, locking from the outside can be necessary.

The essential kit you need when securing your room with outside locking is a key. The primary thing you’ll have to deal with is the barrel bolt mechanism.

Barrel slide bolts are security locks for your barn doors. That means it’s possible to lock them from either inside or outside.

You can secure the room using a key if you intend to keep others from accessing the inside.


How to lock a barn door? Adding a privacy feature to your barn doors is not easy as other door designs, yet there are still some effective options to try.

One of the solutions in the article can help you rest assured that your house is now more private and safer than before, and the doors will also give your home an aesthetic look.

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