How To Open Schlage Lock Without Key? Step-By-Step Guides With 2 Methods

How To Open Schlage Lock Without Key? 

Many of us sometimes have to struggle with this situation – being locked in or out of our house as we’ve broken or misplaced the keys.

We can’t foresee these events. The only measure to save yourself from such accidents is to try different methods to open the lock instead of using keys.

How To Open Schlage Lock Without Key

There are various door lock types, yet this guide will focus on the Schlage lock, explaining how to open Schlage lock without a key. Let’s give it a read!

What Are Vulnerabilities Of A Schlage Lock?

Unlocking Schlage locks without keys is tricky as manufacturers designed them to be hard to pry open. Notably, the two following features make them the best choices for security applications.

Screw Size

How To Open Schlage Lock Without Key

The screw is big-sized and durable. (Rawpixel)

Since the bolt is large and robust, the screw is also hard to break. If the screws are sufficient enough, fitting tightly into the bolt, they work perfectly.

This fitting is critical because it must also fit tightly into the lock. Yet, despite the durable screw, burglars can still penetrate the plate to break a Schlage.

Since this metal plate is a vulnerable part, you can focus on this to unlock the gadget without a key.

Cylinder Tolerance

Essentially, cylinder tolerance in locks in the space for the cylinders’ rotation inside the lock.

If there’s no adequate space for the cylinders to move, burglars can pick your locks. The more frequently the cylinders rotate, the higher the locks’ resistance to picking.

Unfortunately, Schlage locks don’t often feature sufficient cylinder tolerance because of the lack of room for movement and compact space. Thus, you can still pick them if you know how to.

How To Open Schlage Lock Without Key?

You can open your Schlage by figuring out the passcode or using various tools, such as a pin, paper clip, screwdriver, or a drilling machine.

The approaches we’ve mentioned below will not induce any harm to you and your lock’s operating mechanism and frame.

Deal With The Code

The first action is to figure out the electrical code, keycode, or password. If you don’t remember it, it’ll take a lot of time.

When entering the correct password on your keypad, you can try several options, yet remember that it will deactivate itself after 4-6 failed tries.

Another idea is to look for the lock’s bypass key. Or you may contact the manufacturers to ask for a new keycode after gathering relevant evidence.

We don’t usually recommend this, but you can try opening your door using bump keys. Remember to be careful during the process.

You can watch this video for more detailed instructions:

Use Tools

Different tools can assist you in this daunting task. We’ll see how each of these specific kits can unlock your door.


If you have a pin available nearby, use it. First, remove the pin’s sharp point using a small nail file.

Don’t skip this step unless you want to get hurt when picking the Schlage on metal lockers. After inserting the pin into the keyway, trying to pry open it.

A safety pin is also a possible helper in this job, but remember to sand the pointy head like the ordinary pin. Keep pushing the pin in and out until you successfully open the door.

Paper Clip

How To Open Schlage Lock Without Key

Paper clips’ thinness may fit into the keyhole. (Stockvault)

These kits are tiny but highly available and handy materials, either clipping papers or door picking.

Start with straightening your paper clip and creating a wave shape on the kit’s top. Ensure it can pass through the keyhole.

After that, try to adjust that curvature to go through the keyway, then insert the whole mimicked key into it. Turn it at a 90-degree angle (clockwise) until it successfully opens the door.


You can buy a screwdriver at a nearby department store or borrow one from a neighbor.

We recommend using a decent-sized device so that you don’t impact the two sides of your mechanical lock.

The first step is to insert the device into the keyway. Ascertain to stir it down and up while gradually pushing it to open the door.

Drilling Machine

If all the above methods fail, the last option is to utilize a decent drilling machine to unlock your Schlage.

You should study the susceptible location of the container and screw plate in advance so that you can effortlessly drill through them and open the door.

The downside is that you may produce noisy sounds and will have to invest in another lock.

Should You Open Schlage Lock Without Key?

How To Open Schlage Lock Without Key

Is it a good idea to pick your locks without keys? (WIRED)

Some people don’t understand the structure and mechanism of their new keypad locks, trying to open them using improper methods.

Others even use other keys instead of reprogramming the locks. Mechanical locks are hard to open but easy to damage or deactivate permanently.

Thus, you should ensure you’re extra careful and knowledgeable about your security application when prying open it without a key.

Unless you have experience and knowledge of a keypad lock’s components, it’s wise to call a locksmith to help you with the job.

Tips For Opening A Schlage Lock Without Key?

  • Keep pressing the CODE pad during the picking process until the door opens. Particularly, do this while turning the metal part at a 90-degree angle with a flat-pointed screwdriver.
  • The first tool to use should be a pin, as it usually costs about $1 and is available at almost any store. It will not hurt to purchase one.
  • If no method seems effective, try removing some dust and debris from the lock’s inside using a paper clip. Dust may prevent your tools from heading to the right place.


Learning how to open Schlage lock without a key will help you fix unexpected situations. We’ve walked through several tactics safe for you and your Schlage.

Understanding your application to figure out the safest solution is the important thing. Avoid extreme measures, such as smashing or drilling the door.

If all your effort fails, consider resorting to a locksmith.

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