How To Programming Schlage Lock? An Ultimate Guide in 2022

How To Programming Schlage Lock.

Using a smart lock is one of the essentials to turning your home into a smart home. They allow you to get in and out of your home without a key.

How To Programming Schlage Loc

Instead, these models allow you to control them remotely using a mobile app on your smart devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Yet, like all smart devices, you need to do some settings with this product.

Today, we will discuss how to program Schlage lock. So, let’s read from the top to the bottom of the article.

How To Programming Schlage Lock?

How To Programming Schlage Loc

Schlage look. Source

We will divide this process into different parts to make it easier to understand.

How to Add Your New Access Passcode to Your Lock

Step 1: Locate your 6-Digit Pass

In most cases, these codes are mentioned on the sticker. In most cases, it is on your lock’s back.

You will need it to set your lock in a programming mode.

When you find it, it is wise to note it somewhere easy to remember.

Step 2: Enter Your Programming Pass

You will need to enter a programming pass you found above into the keypad, including the touchscreen keypad. The Schlage button will then flash orange three times, followed by three beeps.

After that, you can add your new access Passcode.

Step 3: Use Your New Access Passcode

Let’s start by tapping the Schlage button. Then press the one key button on your keypad.

Next, you need to enter a four- to eight-digit passcode. The more digits your new pass has, the higher the security. So, we recommend using an eight-digit security code.

Then, the Schlage button should blink and beep three more times. Finally, you need to enter the new access code again to confirm.

How To Delete an Access Passcode?

How To Programming Schlage Loc

Delete your access passcode. Source

Step 1: Enter Your Programming Passcode

Again, enter a programming code. After that, your lock will be in programming mode.

Step 2: Put Your Look  Into a Deletion Mode

After the button flashes and beeps three times, you must simultaneously press the button and the keypad number 2. You are then ready to remove the existing code.

Step 3: Enter the Pass You Need to Remove

You need to enter the passcode you need to remove from your lock in this step.

Step 4: Confirm the Passcode to Be Deleted

Finally, you need to re-enter the code you need to remove, and the passcode removal process is complete.

How To Change Your  Programming Code

Step 1: Insert Your Programming Passcode

In addition to removing or adding an access code, it is possible to change your programming code.

Again, let’s start by entering a programming code. Your button should flash orange, followed by three beeps.

Step 2: Add New Passcode

Simultaneously press the Schlage button and the keypad number. Then, you are ready to adđ your new passcode.

Next, you need to enter the new code, and the button will flash and then beep three more times.

Step 3: Confirm Your New Code

Now, you need to re-enter your new password. Then the button should make a long beep and then flash green.

The Ultimate Guide to Disable All Of Your  Access Codes

How To Programming Schlage Loc

Disable and re-activate all of the access passcodes. Source

Step 1: Enter Your Programming Code

Again, you need to enter your programming code, and your Schlage button will flash orange, followed by three beeps.

Step 2: Tap Schlage Button and Number 4 Key

Once your lock disables all of your access codes, it will prevent anyone from entering your house with any user or access codes.

However, you can re-activate all-access passcodes, allowing you to enter the house keyless.

All you need to do is press the button and the number 4 key simultaneously.

The Ultimate Guide to Delete All Access Codes at Once

Step 1: Enter Your Programming passcode

It would be troublesome to delete each access code. But fortunately, it is possible to remove all user codes at the same time.

Again, enter your programming code. After that, wait for your button to flash orange and beep three times.

Step 2: Press the Button and The Number 6 Key

All you need to do is tap the button and the number 6 key simultaneously, and you will clear all codes at once. As a result, you do not have to waste time deleting codes one by one.

Then, you have to add your new access code, which allows you to enter the house without a key.

Check out the following video to know how to use the Schlage smart deadbolt:

The Bottom Line

There is no denying that using these types of locks is the perfect way to secure your home. So, our article has covered different ways to do some basic settings on your smart lock. Hopefully, they are helpful to you.

Thank you for reading. Please share this article with your loved ones!

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