How To Reset Fingerprint Door Lock? Get Your Job Done With 3 Easy Steps

How To Reset Fingerprint Door Lock?

There are two methods to reset your fingerprint door lock. The first way is to log in to an existing account and reset it through the forgot password feature to create a new password. You can do it on your mobile device with this method.

The second method is to reset the password to factory defaults. With this approach, it will be simpler for you, and make sure to set up a more secure personal password.

How To Reset Fingerprint Door Lock

If you want to know how to reset fingerprint door locks, then this article below is for you. Please scroll gently so as not to miss important information!

What Are Fingerprint Door Locks?

How To Reset Fingerprint Door Lock

The Fingerprint Door (link)

The fingerprint door lock is a modern technology device that allows users to access by identifying their unique fingerprint. On the other hand, it also provides a long service life to save you the associated fees for maintenance and repair.

If you are still wondering about choosing one, here are some advantages of the product that you should pay attention to.

  • High level of security: Each person’s fingerprint is unique. Therefore, it is impossible to fake fingerprints. Therefore, using this pattern is perfect in terms of the level of security for your home.
  • User-friendly: The device is extremely user-friendly. They can be easily installed and are simple to operate. Even if you are a beginner, it is completely possible to use the one quickly and conveniently.
  • More delicate: It makes your home more sophisticated, modern, and smart. It can be expensive for the initial investment. But, it’s valuable and can help users optimize the costs involved.

How Does It Work?

How To Reset Fingerprint Door Lock

How it works (link)

A version works by scanning and converting your fingerprint into a denominator.

When you place your finger for the first time, a conversion to a denominator will take place. Your fingerprint pattern will be saveable automatically.

This process is later when you want to give access to any family member. When someone wants to enter your home, their fingerprint has to match the data.

So when do you know the fingerprint matches the pattern? If your fingerprint matches the previously saved pattern, the green LED will indicate.

How To Reset Fingerprint Door Lock?

How To Reset Fingerprint Door Lock

How to set up (link)

There are two methods for you to reset your smart door, including: reset with forgot password feature and reset to the default password.

By practical experience, I recommend that you choose to reset the default password. It is suitable for many patterns and is easier to implement.

Below is the detailed implementation procedure for this ideal method.

Find the reset key on the back of the smart one.

You need to open the door with a fingerprint or key and slide the cover to find the set button. It’s located just below the left of the lock’s battery compartment.

With each different line, the location may change. To ensure you’re finding the right button, it’s a good idea to research the product information in advance and get more instructions online.

If you choose the wrong button, it may affect the operation or even damage it.

Reset password to factory default

After finding the correct position of the button, press the set button for about 10 seconds whenever it beeps a little. At that time, the device light will be red, which means you have successfully set the factory default password.

Set a new password for your smart one

Your smart door one is restored and ready for a setup. Please re-enter the default password and proceed with the installation according to your password.

The default password will usually be 123456 or 000000. With different key lines, the manufacturer will give you a different default password.


Do you want to know more related information about fingerprint door locks?  The set of frequently asked questions below will also help you.

They are from many opinions of customers who have been using the product. Therefore, you can rest assured to refer!

Why did my fingerprint sensor stop working?

Many definite causes can be due to your system being faulty or their battery running out and not having enough power for the device to work. Check and fix these two problems and try again later!

How do I unlock my phone if my fingerprint doesn’t work?

If you can’t access the device with your fingerprint, you can open it with a digital password. Then, go to the settings to check the fingerprint recognition feature of the device. It may lag the moment you perform the access operation. Please check and try again!

What is an ideal code for Kwikset?

0000 is the default password of the Kwikset series. To ensure security, you need to reset your code.

However, you also need to note that choosing a password that is easy to remember and simple. Avoid choosing long and hard-to-remember passwords that will make it difficult later on.

How to change the 4 codes on the Kwikset?

To change the 4-digit code on Kwikset, you must follow the procedure below. Specifically:

  • Ensure your lock and door are opening: You need to make sure your system is open before changing the door lock’s password. Otherwise, all of the steps below will make no sense.
  • Look for the start button on the body: The reset part on the lock will be under the battery compartment or maybe in a different location for each different version.
  • Hold and press: You need to hold the reset button for about 10-15 seconds; right after that, your device has returned to the default mode.
  • Enter the default password and set your code: Next, you need to re-enter the default Kwikset code 0-0-0-0. Of course, right after that, you can set a new password for your door.


In the above article, I have answered you in detail about how to reset fingerprint door locks. Hopefully, this information will help you better understand the fingerprint lock working process and perform related settings.

A fingerprint lock is an ideal solution for safety and consumer-friendliness. Check out my article, and don’t forget to leave feedback!

Thank you for reading!

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