How To Secure An Outward Opening Door?

How To Secure an Outward Opening Door

Do you own an opening fold and find this model is not as secure as the doors with an inward opening design?

However, saying that does not mean that you cannot trust the door’s security that opens to the outside you are using.

How To Secure an Outward Opening Door

In this article, we will help you answer how to secure an outward opening door, thereby fighting any intruders with the most sophisticated methods available.

How To Secure an Outward Opening Door?

You can ultimately enhance the security of your exterior doors with just a few simple steps. You can even find a security solution based on items you can see right at home. Specifically, here are some methods you can use:

Latch guard

How To Secure an Outward Opening Door

 Perfect Latch guard (link)

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to make sure your swing-out fold stays safe from any break-in attempt is to install a latch guard.

Making these devices powerful is the unique design with the visor extending from the outside of the fold. As a result, it is possible to minimize the weakness of the open-out design.

More specifically, there are now quite a few latch guards on the market with optional sizes and colors, helping to ensure the overall aesthetics of your home.

Although it deserves a lot of praise for efficiency, aesthetics, and ease of installation, this security-enabled device still has compatibility drawbacks.

Specifically, the latch guard only works with doors with a single handle, which is not suitable for models with a combination of latch and knob.

Security bar

How To Secure an Outward Opening Door

Security bar (link)

In addition to the latch guard, you can also look to the Security bar to upgrade your exterior doors.

The guard bar inside this position will prevent any attempt to pull the fold.

You can use any tool, even a broom, to install it perpendicular to the fold and under the folding handle, thereby achieving the upper protection effect.

The installation method is also quite simple: prepare adhesive tape to secure the broom or any sturdy iron or wooden bar to the doorknob and floor.

If you’re not too confident in the adhesive’s ability to stick, you can look to professional protection bar models, providing the reliable protection you’ve always been looking for.

Of course, more professional devices, although more reliable, may require more technical installation operations. If you are not sure about your technique, you can seek the help of experts in the field.

Heavy objects

If investing in a professional device like a guard bar makes you consider it, you can look for a solution to upgrade the fold yourself in your apartment.

Using heavy objects, you need to prepare a strong rope such as a belt or wire. Next, look for furniture like a desk, a dresser, or a bulky item.

Once you have all the simple, easy-to-find items on hand, you need to connect the folding handle to the heavy objects with solid straps.

The most significant advantage of the above method is that it is pretty economical and does not take too much time and effort. More specifically, in some cases, this method still gives commendable results.

However, the downside is that you need to make sure the equipment you choose is cumbersome and difficult to move.

The items you choose need to be durable, not easily broken or deformed by force. That is also why furniture such as glass cabinets or mirrors can meet the weight requirements but is not the first choice. You certainly won’t want to fill your apartment with the debris that the above furniture samples bring.

Security hinges

How To Secure an Outward Opening Door

Security hinges (link)

There are quite a few models of security hinges on the market, which means you may not be able to choose the right one that best suits your model.

That’s why you should consider the most popular options today, such as:

  • Stud hinge: Thanks to this type of hinge, when an intruder tries to remove the hinge pin, the two leaves will lock together, improving the apartment’s security.
  • Setscrew hinge: This device works on the principle of hiding the door’s hinges when closed, helping to prevent any manipulation of the hinge pin.
  • Continuous hinge: As the name suggests, this device will cover the entire gap between the fold and the frame. Therefore, the bad guy will have to cut the whole length of the fold – a rather tricky challenge – to break into your apartment.


Durability and bearing capacity are the most commendable advantages of the barrier. So, you can use this device to secure your fold opening to the outside.

However, you should note that most of the barricade models are currently only suitable for inward revolving doors. As a result, it may be difficult for you to find the product that best suits your outward-facing design.


If you have a French fold that opens to the outside, Patlock is the solution you cannot help but consider.

Although Patlock does not require complicated drilling or screwing, it can still fix the handle inside the fold, keeping the latch and lever always in place.

Patlock only works with standard French fold handles. If you have a fold with a curved handle, consult the series of suggestions above and choose the most reliable method.


Doors opening from the outside are not as safe as you think, especially when you know how to upgrade your door with methods from simple to complex.

With the instructions above, I hope you will know how to secure an outward opening door. From there, you will have valuable experience in improving the security of your apartment.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the section below so that I can promptly give appropriate responses.

Thank you for reading!

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