How To Unlock A Door Without A Key? 7 Best Methods For You To Consider

A lock set will bring great security to your home. But sometimes this item has some problems, causing you a headache not knowing what to do to get inside.

So, how to unlock a door without a key? You have a total of seven most effective options to consider. Just prepare the tools and follow our instructions, and fixing this problem will no longer be difficult.

This article will give you a more detailed insight into each of these seven methods. Scroll down and check for more information!

How To Unlock A Door Without A Key?

Scroll down, and there will be a collection of seven options available for you to consider. Follow the instructions of each method, and you should have no trouble opening your interior!

Picking The Lock

Simulating how the key works is a smart idea, and it can work on any lock.

The first step is to attach the bottom end of the Allen wrench to the lower part of the keyhole. Once all is in place, turn the wrench slightly as if you were using a key to open it. A little force on the wrench will make your job easier.

After you hold the wrench in place, now it’s time to use a bobby pin (or an unbent paperclip). It would help if you put it in the keyhole and gently rotated it in a circular motion.

After each cycle of these movements, you need to add a little more pressure to the wrench. Repeat this work, and you will succeed in unlocking it.

Using Credit Card

If you are looking for a solution to handle spring locks, a credit card will be a very smart choice.

The first step in this method requires you to prepare a card that is not valid for use. At the same time, a card with toughness will be more welcome in this case.

Regarding the process, you need to first insert this item in the space between the lock and the door frame, then bend it backward.

If this space does not exist, you can search for another one above the lock.

Insert the card into this slot, then quickly pull it under the padlock. Then push the card back, and now you can open the spring lock.

This method is very easy to implement and does not take much effort. However, it only works when the opponent is spring-locked. Don’t bother trying this method with any other type of door lock because it will be useless.

How To Unlock A Door Without A Key

Using credit card

Using An Eyeglass Screwdriver

Try to observe the locks on the interior doors in your home, and you will discover that there will be a very small hole in the knob. With just an eyeglass screwdriver, you can easily push the unlock button on the inside.

The implementation of this method is extremely simple. All you need to do is push your screwdriver inside the hole and twist. In the absence of this tool, replace it with an unbent paper clip or a spam key.

How To Unlock A Door Without A Key

Using an eyeglass screwdriver

Removing The Knob

A fairly familiar method to fix problems caused by low-security locks is removing the knob.  If the key is stuck in the lock or malfunctioning, no method can be more effective than it.

You can refer to information via this video:

First, you need to remove the fixing screws on the product and then remove the knob and the lock. If the screw is not found, remove the knob first, and you will see the mountain screws inside.

After removing the entire set of locks from the doorjamb, currently, no obstacle is difficult for you anymore.

Removing The Hinges

If you are faced with a locked door with only a screwdriver in hand, which method should you use? If you have no idea, then try removing the hinge.

It would help if you used a screwdriver to disassemble all the pinheads on the hinge. Then remove the hinge and lift the door to the side. That’s the way that you can unlock it without using a key.

How To Unlock A Door Without A Key

Removing the hinges

Drilling The Lock

If the broken padlock is too stubborn and cannot be opened by normal means, you will have to try something tougher.

In this case, drilling the lock will bring unexpectedly good results.

The first step is to choose a drill that will be suitable for the job. Then you need to lubricate it and drill a deep hole right in the lock.

Once the drilling is complete, use a screwdriver to pry open the cylinder inside the keyhole. If this method fails, you will move on to drilling around the lock.

This method requires you to have a lot of experience. Otherwise, you will easily face a mess and even have to buy a new door to replace it.

Smashing Method

In emergency cases, handling the lock takes too much time and patience. Therefore, you should consider smashing the door.

This method will work well if you make sure your impact on the door is strong enough. However, it comes with many risks that you need to consider.

Your feet won’t be able to avoid the pain sometimes, or you’ll have to get a brand new door after that smash.

How To Unlock A Door Without A Key

Smashing method

Some Notes That You Should Not Miss

Depending on the condition of the lock, you need to consider which is the right choice for your case. Try to limit measures like drilling or smashing, as you run the risk of buying a new door.

For the drilling method, it is best to wear full protective gear. Thus, you will minimize the possible accidents during the work process.


In Which Way Can You Unlock A Bathroom Door Without A Key?

This interior usually has a push lock design. In this case, use the flat end of a paperclip to tap the opening inside the keyhole. Once this clip hits the locking mechanism, you should be able to open this interior without a hitch.

How To Open A Locked Front Door?

Front doors often appear with a lock with a handle. Use a small screwdriver as a key to turn the lock until it opens the door.

In What Case Must You Use The Smashing Method?

People use this method in emergencies, such as arresting criminals, fighting fires, etc. This way, they can get inside quickly without the help of any tools.

Final Verdict

Opening a door without a key is certainly never an easy task. But as long as you collect all the tools at hand and follow the experiences in this article, you will surely complete this job excellently.

And now, do you know how to unlock a door without a key? Don’t waste any more time. Roll up your sleeves and start your work now!

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