Kwikset Lock Not Working After Battery Change? Some Causes & How To Fix

Kwikset Lock Not Working After Battery Change

Why Kwikset Lock Not Working After Battery Change?  

Changing the battery in the Kwikset smart lock is a seamless process but does not require too much engineering on the user. Sometimes you will also encounter the Kwikset lock not working after battery change problem.

There are many reasons for this situation, including the battery being installed in the wrong place or buying poor quality batteries.

Kwikset Lock Not Working After Battery Change

To overcome this situation is also very simple. It only takes you a few minutes to restore the operation of your smart system.

The specific handling solution will be in detail in the article below. Please scroll gently so as not to miss useful information!

Why Is My Kwikset Lock Not Unlocking?

Kwikset Lock Not Working After Battery Change

Why is it not working (link)

There are many reasons why your smart one is not working. It includes both subjective and objective causes. Here are some of the most common causes.

  • Low battery: A low battery can cause your electronic version to stop working. If the batteries on the door are almost dead, you need to replace them with quality batteries of the right brand to ensure the operation of the door system. If your one has a low pack, it may lag and cannot be successfully activated even if you enter the correct code.
  • Incorrect user code: The user code must be valid for successful access. Otherwise, the door system will be closed forever.
  • Malfunction: Your smart door will experience minor technical problems. It is the objective reason why you cannot unlock Kwikset. To overcome this problem, you need to seek the help of a professional consultant.

How To Fix

It is a simple process that anyone can do when it comes to fixing a Kwikset door lock. Even beginners can do it proficiently, accurately, and successfully.

Check out if the batteries are installed.

Kwikset Lock Not Working After Battery Change

Check out the batteries  (link)

Your lock is not working, most likely because your new battery is not installed properly.

So, suppose you’re looking for troubleshooting. In that case, it’s a priority to check the batteries to see if they’re installed correctly (according to the correct positive and negative terminals of the terminal and the battery unit of the lock).

Next, you need to ensure that the type selected for replacement in the Kwikset is of standard quality and can provide stable operating power for the smart system.

If you are unsure about this, it is possible to remove them for testing on other devices. If it makes any device work, it’s perfectly fine for your lock.

Besides, it would help if you also were sure not to use old or new batteries. If you do, the overall performance will be affected. Sometimes, you will be the victim of that trick. You will probably be locked outside for hours.

The above workarounds may or may not be correct for your status. If you can’t do the key work, continue to follow the steps below!

Run the Program

Are you sure you changed the battery when the system warned of a low storm? If you don’t know ways to replace battery properly, refer to this procedure.

  • Remove the cover and the battery.
  • Hold and press the program for about 5-7 seconds
  • Next, press and hold the A button for about 5 seconds (This button may be black and located on the assembly inside your lock)
  • Replace the batteries with new ones, make sure they’re in place, and close the lids.
  • Finally, don’t forget to restart your key. If the model continues not to work, please refer to the next solution!

Store Default Settings

If your one is not working with all the solutions above, then a reset is the most impressive fix for this case.

However, before restoring, you must remember that this will erase all previous customization settings, including the user code.

After the restore, you reset the user passcode and some important settings. If you don’t know how to restore settings correctly, here are the detailed steps.

  • First, you need to remove the cover and move the battery out.
  • Press and hold the program. Note, do it at the same time as changing the battery.
  • Continue, hold the program for about 30 seconds whenever hearing a beep from the LED

After completing these steps, your key has been recovered. For stable operation, you need to reset the related passwords.


Do I have to put in a new code after changing batteries in my Kwikset?

It is not necessary to enter a new code after replacing the battery. With the Kwikset, you need to change the battery normally like any other device.

However, you need to choose good-quality batteries and install them in the correct yin and yang positions. Only then your new system will work well and protect the absolute security of your home.

How do I reset my Kwikset lock code?

Kwikset Lock Not Working After Battery Change

You can reset it again (link)

Resetting the passcode is the ultimate method to fix most problems with Kwikset keys. Talking about how to reset is a very simple process. You can follow up on the previous section if you don’t know!

How do you manually program a Kwikset Halo?

To program manually, you need to prepare a solid basic knowledge.

Without knowledge, absolutely everything you do will be of no value. You can even damage your locking system.

For details on how to do it, you can completely follow the video tutorials on the internet. Through that, you will understand and implement more easily.


Above are specific instructions for fixing Kwikset not working after battery change that you should refer to. The solution to the cases is simple for everyone.

Hopefully, this article will help you find and quickly fix the problem for the operation to return to normal. If you cannot do this, you should contact Kwikset customer care. They will give you the most appropriate and effective advice.

Please refer to the article, and don’t forget to leave feedback!

Thank you for reading!

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