Kwikset Smart Lock Troubleshooting: A Step-By-Step Guide (Update 2022)

Kwikset smart lock troubleshooting

Kwikset Smart Lock Troubleshooting – Guides

Is your Kwikset smart lock unresponsive? There are many causes of your device not working. Yet, you don’t need to worry because Kwikset smart lock troubleshooting is simple and easy.

Kwikset smart lock troubleshooting

To help you better understand this problem, I have detailed each cause of your device inactivity. Besides, I also share ways to fix each case to help your lock return to its original working state.

Please rest assured that all the information has rigorously been verified. So, scroll gently so as not to miss important information!

Main Causes Of The Kwikset Smart Lock Troubleshooting

After researching, I found that there are four main reasons your smart lock is not working, such as unresponsive keyboard, wrong latch, dead battery, and wrong unlock code. Below is detailed information for each situation.

The keypad is not responding.

Kwikset smart lock troubleshooting

The keypad is not responding (link)

Entering the wrong passcode too much can make the Kwikset keyboard unresponsive. After about 60 seconds of waiting, your keyboard has a problem if you do not receive any subsequent code requests.

You replace the battery and turn switch 3 of the lock to the on-off position to run the test to fix this situation. Press each key once and make sure it beeps.

If some of your buttons are still unresponsive, it is best to contact specialized technicians for their advice and support. Do not intentionally press buttons when they are unresponsive. So, it will make your lock more complicated to fix.

Wrong Deadbolt

Kwikset smart lock troubleshooting

Wrong Deadbolt (link)

Improper door latching or opening is also a typical cause of your friend’s device becoming unresponsive. The electromagnetic lock is tweaked at installation when the door is unlocked and how to throw the latch.

To fix this situation, you need to reset the door-opening procedure. First, you need to remove the lock cover and remove the battery from the lock, then make sure the door is open.

Next, insert the battery and let the lock open, and close several times until the process is complete. However, you will need to hold down the button on some models until the battery pack is fully re-inserted.

If you are still having trouble with this issue, check the whole pattern again. Make sure the buckle and the support plate are properly aligned. Only then will your one work properly again.

Batteries Die

Kwikset smart lock troubleshooting

Batteries Die (link)

Each battery pack can keep your system working for about one year. The keyboard not working is also likely due to your battery draining too quickly.

You need to replace the battery pack with a new one and test your keyboard set to verify. If you hear a beeping sound coming from your keyboard, luckily, your keyboard is simply out of battery and doesn’t have anything serious.

If that’s not the case, you need to check your device once again overall. Observe the operation of the device, and see if your door is warped. By doing so, you will easily overcome common problems in the Kwikset smart system.

Regret Unlock Code.

Kwikset smart lock troubleshooting

Regret Unlock Code (link)

Sometimes you need to clear the code on your key. This method applies to cases where the access code is exposed, and you need to delete the old code and replace it with a new one to ensure the security of the whole house.

You need to open the door and then press the program button to change the access code. Next, enter the code you want to delete and press the delete icon. Then hit set up new code, and you’re done.

How To Fix: 4 Detailed Steps

The problems with Kwikset smart lock will have many ways. The process of fixing common errors in Kwikset includes the following four steps.

Step 1: Check details to find the cause

When your locks are unresponsive or working poorly, you need to conduct a detailed inspection of their parts. See where the root cause comes from.

If you find the problem part, it is very simple to provide a solution.

Step 2: Carry out troubleshooting

If your keyboard is not working, latching or unlocking is not smooth, or the code has been unavailable, the best way to fix this problem is to reset.

It makes sure to bring your key back to its original default operation, which is easier to manage. Or not, you can also refer to some specific workarounds I gave in the previous section.

Step 3: Experiment

Don’t hesitate to try them out while you troubleshoot. Doing so will make it easier for you to gauge the remedy’s effectiveness.

Step 4. Finish and check again

After finishing, you need to check the operation of the smart door lock. If the device works normally, it’s lucky. Otherwise, if your key cannot work properly, perform the previous operation one more time.

It still cannot be better, and you need to contact the stores that provide smart door locks. Here, they will advise you on how to solve each specific problem. You can invite their specialist for repairs.

Above are four basic steps for Kwikset key troubleshooting. In addition, if you have any more ideas for a faster and more effective solution, you can try it.


Above is some information for Kwikset smart lock troubleshooting that you should refer to. Kwikset is a versatile technology device that you should own.

With Kwikset smart lock, you won’t have to worry about the security of your home. The problems in this pattern it’s also easy for you to fix.

Hopefully, this article will help you better understand the operation of the product and know the way to fix this problem.

Please refer to the article, and don’t forget to leave feedback!

Thank you for reading!

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