What to Do if Locked Keys Are in the Car? 5 Most Popular Solutions

locked keys are in cars

You go to your car and realize that you no longer have the keys. Maybe you left it in your car or dropped it somewhere. Whatever the cause, it is a nightmare.

You may be screaming in your head, but we advise you to stay calm. Through this article, we will help you answer, “What to do if locked keys are in the car?”

locked keys are in cars
Woman White Car – Forget Key Inside

So keep reading to see more!

How to Get Locked Keys in the Car?

locked keys are in cars

Don’t panic is the key! Source

In this case, stay calm and apply the following steps in turn. Then, we bet you’ll open the door.

Troubleshoot Locks

When you find out that you have a locked key in your vehicle, you first need to stay calm. Panicking now won’t help you. By checking all the entrances of your vehicle, you can find your way back in if you’re lucky.

There may be a door that is not closed correctly. Therefore, check if any of your vehicle’s doors or windows are like that.

If you could get the job done this way, you’re lucky. Yet, you need to close the door more carefully next time to prevent crooks from breaking into your vehicle.

Make A Phone Call To a  Family Member Or Friend

At times, you may have given your spare key to a family member or a friend you trust. If so, it’s time to call them.

Even if they don’t keep your spare key, ask them to bring you some tools to open the door manually (we’ll cover that later).

Utilize Your Shoelace

The good news is that your shoelace can be helpful in this case. It may allow you to unlock the door of your vehicle, but not every vehicle.

This way is only useful if your vehicle features post locks. They are stick straight up on its window sill.

If your vehicle comes with that kind of lock, try the following steps:

Step 1: First, remove the shoelace from your shoes.

Step 2: Eyeball about five inches from the lace’s middle

Step 3: Make one slip knot at this point.

Step 4: Work your shoelace between your car’s door and doorframe at the midpoint, and you will need to hold one end of your shoelace at the window’s top and the window’s other end on the side where your car’s door will open.

Step 5: Take one flossing motion, and use it to loop the slip knot around a post lock.

Step 6: Pull your lace’s both ends to grip the post and pull upward. Don’t forget you still need to continue to tighten/restrict the knot.

We hope this will help you. In addition, if you wear sandals or slip-on shoes and do not have shoes that feature laces, you should borrow shoelaces from others.

Utilize DIY Tools

If shoelaces do not work for you, don’t get discouraged. You can still fix this situation with some other easy-to-find tools.

  • Use A Screwdriver & Metal Rod

You can ask someone you know to bring you a metal rod and a screwdriver to try to unlock your car’s door without the keys.

Start by opening some space using the screwdriver before pushing your metal rod into the lock, and expect it will work.

You should be careful to avoid damaging your vehicle with these tools.

  • Use Coat Hangers

If your vehicle comes with horizontal locks, it is feasible to utilize this tool by untwisting it before molding this hanger into the hook shape.

Next, try to utilize your vehicle’s door before maneuvering this hook around your car’s lock. After that, pull it.

  • Use Spatula

Some kitchen tools, such as a spatula, can also help you get into your locked car.

Place your spatula between your car door to make space and pry the door open. If you unlock your car door with a spatula, it is time to unlock it correctly.

  • Use Air Bag Pump Wedge

It is possible to use it to open the locked door. It will allow the air to push between the doors to create an opening. Then, you can use some DIY tools to unlock your vehicle.

Get Help From Professionals

locked keys are in cars
Young Man Opening White Car Door With Lockpicker. Professional making key in locksmith

Locksmith. Source

If you’ve followed the steps above correctly and it still doesn’t work, it’s time to get professional help.

These experts are ready to help you, as long as you know where your car is.

  • Locksmith

It is alright to contact a locksmith who can open any lock without causing any damage to your vehicle. The professional can even make you a few new keys if you need them.

How to Avoid Getting Locked Out Again?

locked keys are in cars

If you utilize an electric key, change its batteries regularly. Source

Preventing these risks in the first place can save you time and energy. Here are some tips for that:

  • Ensure you have at least two sets of keys, one that you use and the other you give to someone you trust.
  • Don’t let children play with your keys.
  • Always carry your keys with you, as some vehicles have an auto-lock function.
  • If you use an electric key, change its batteries regularly.
  • Buy roadside assistance before you need it.

Will the Police Unlock Your Vehicle for Free?

In the event of high risks, such as if an animal or a child is locked in a vehicle, you need to dial 911 immediately. Let them know your location and the make and model of your vehicle.

Emergency services like police and fire departments will arrive faster than roadside assistance or locksmiths. They will break a window or use a thin metal device that can unlock the door without a key,


Hopefully, the information we provide in this article will be helpful to you. Remember not to panic under circumstances. Instead, stay calm and work it out!

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