How to Secure an Outward Swinging Door Security? 5 Simple Ways

Outward Swinging Door Security

How to Secure an Outward Swinging Door Security? 

It is undeniable that the outward-facing swing door brings many conveniences.

However, an outward-facing swing door presents many potential security problems compared to a sliding door or some other option.

Outward Swinging Door Security

You don’t need to worry. Although the hinge can be easily removed, you still have outward swinging door security measures preventing unauthorized entry.

If you are using an outward-facing revolving door and are looking for ways to improve security, do not miss any of the information below.

Outward Swinging Door Security

The methods below are all easy to implement. Even if you don’t have too much experience in installation, you can complete all of the instructions.

Use a Latch Guard

Outward Swinging Door Security

Latch Guard (link)

One of the most effective ways to improve an outward-facing swing door is to install a latch guard.

The latch guard has a fairly simple structure. This accessory includes only a sturdy visor, usually heavy-duty stainless steel. Currently, most products have dimensions of 3″ x 11″ and 3″ x 7″, respectively, with a ¼” offset.

This accessory will have the task of shielding the latches and preventing unauthorized entry from the outside.

You also don’t have to worry about using a third-party accessory that can ruin the aesthetics of your door. Currently, on the market, there are many products with different colors that are guaranteed not to affect the door’s appearance.

Quite easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, but be aware that sometimes, this latch guard may not be suitable for your leaf.

For example, some manufacturers do not provide accessories that work with a leaf that combines a latch and a knob. If you fall into the above situation, please refer to some other useful methods that will appear shortly.

Buy A Security Bar.

Outward Swinging Door Security

Security Bar (link)

The inner guard bar has a simple structure but can be more effective.

With just a guard bar placed perpendicular to the door, just below the handle, you can prevent any unauthorized opening of the leaf.

Sometimes, you do not need to buy additional accessories with this method.

A long enough broom is more than enough. Then, all you need to do is secure the broom or metal rods to the handle and the floor with tape.

If you want a more reliable security measure, you can also look to professional protection bars. These units will come with a fixed square tube for you to hook and install securely.

Although using the pre-existing rails, you will need to drill holes in the leaf for screws. However, the practice has proven that the above barriers are effective when they can prevent most unauthorized intrusions.

Get the door caught in Heavy Objects.

With this method, you do not need to spend extra money purchasing accessories from third parties. Instead, it would help if you took advantage of the materials available in your apartments, such as straps, strong wires, and large and bulky furniture such as desks and wardrobes.

Once you’ve completed the prep, you need to fasten the doorknob to your bulky piece of furniture that can’t be moved. In theory, the harder the furniture moves, the harder it is for an intruder to open the leaf and get into your apartment.

While this method is inexpensive to prepare, it can still cost you whenever you accidentally damage your furniture. You should be careful not to use glass objects or fragile objects to block the doorknob. Besides, you also need to experiment, calculate and streamline to prevent any possible chaos.

Get the Security Hinges

Outward Swinging Door Security

Security Hinges (link)

Similar to the above methods, security hinges were born to prevent unauthorized entry. On the market, you can find four main types of hinges, each of which works according to a specific mechanism, namely:

  • Stud hinge

With this type of hinge, you can remove the hinge pins. Meanwhile, the leaf will not separate from the leaf by the studs on the hinge.

Conversely, the nail of one leaf will go into the hole in the other leaf. In the event of unauthorized entry through the hinge pin, the two leaves will lock together, ensuring safety.

You will often encounter pairs of screw-on hinges on external revolving doors.

The mechanism of action of this type of accessory relies on hiding the hinge pins when the leaf is closed, thereby preventing any attempt to remove the hinge pin when the leaf is closed by intruders.

  • A continuous hinge

It is an accessory that covers all gaps between the opening and the frame with strong, reliable material. Because the coverage is quite extensive, thieves will have to spend a lot of time and effort to cut the entire length.

  • Non-removable hinge pin

This accessory is similar to a riveted hinge but with an additional crimp pin.

This non-removable hinge pin will have two main tasks: first, flatten the top and bottom of the hinge pin. Second, use the set screw to secure the latches.

The above combination has provided quite exceptional protection.

Use hinge protector

The door lock hinge protector won’t require replacing the hinge or making complicated adjustments.

Besides, you do not have any difficulty in choosing this device. A door lock hinge guard can do the job, whether it’s a commercial steel leaf or a residential door.

A special feature is that this product can greatly improve the apartment’s security. If an intruder uses specialized tools and cuts the exposed part of the hinge, these reliable protective devices can also sabotage their plan to break in.


It can be that one of the biggest disadvantages of the outward swinging door security is that the security is not as high as many options on the market.

However, this does not mean that houses using this type will always face the risk of unsafety and may be illegally broken into at any time.

With the instructions, we hope you have the useful information to ensure maximum protection for your apartment.

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