Out of battery or stolen

Should your phone run out of power, there are several ways to get through the door:

  • You can log into your web dashboard through another phone to unlock the door at any time.
  • Friday Smart Lock fits over the original lock, so the traditional key will still function - meaning that you always have a backup option
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Friday Smart Lock exceeds industry-leading security standards, protecting confidentiality of data and device authentication based on AES-CCM cryptography and other standards. This ensures that your lock can only be opened by those who’ve been granted access.

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Use the dashboard to grant one-time, temporary or permanent access to your family and friends’ devices - or revoke it at any time.

The dashboard allows you to view and manage the keys you’ve issued, so you can see who has access to the lock and which rules apply to them. You can share access via Bluetooth ekeys, or open your door remotely for guests via Wi-Fi.

You’ll never need to answer the door or leave a spare key under the doormat again, making Friday Smart Lock perfect for hotels/guest houses, office buildings and AirBnB hosts.

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Phone Unavailable

If your phone is out of battery or otherwise unavailable, don’t worry - you have several options for opening your door. We have created an online dashboard that allows you full control of your Friday - just login from any computer using your login details and access your Friday as normal. Once you have accessed your dashboard you can send commands to Friday, issue/revoke keys to friends or neighbours and check on the status of your lock.

Even if you have no way of connecting with your Friday, your traditional house key will still work. We have designed Friday to be the most connected Smart Lock on the market, but communicating with it will ultimately require either a phone or a computer. If neither of these are available to you, then your regular keys will of course provide the ultimate backup!


Encrypted Communication

Friday uses open source, end-to-end encryption mechanisms and techniques. In real terms, this means a unique user-based cryptographic key that’s stored only in your Friday Smart Lock and your Friday App. We made these decisions to maximise your sense of safety and control - we wanted to ensure that Friday offers you the highest possible level of digital security.



Issuing an eKey is much like handing over a traditional key except it is handled digitally. The Friday unit’s original owner can issue a key to other users and adjust the level of access this key will have. There can be multiple owners of each Friday lock, but only the original owner of the unit can set this. You can set keys as being time-limited or indefinite, and the owner can revoke the key at any time. Eacth eKey has a unique signature that is verified between Friday and the user through a secure and encrypted protocol. When a user accesses Friday, the unique key is registered and will show up in the usage log, allowing the owner of the lock to know who has accessed their Friday and when.