Schlage FE595 Reviews in Details: Top 4 Choices of 2022 [Expert’s Advice]

Schlage FE595 Reviews in Details

Schlage is proud to be the brand that, although not inventing the lock, was a pioneer in perfecting this tool. From the first patented inventions, such as the door lock with the ability to turn on/off the light, Schlage has constantly innovated to bring about high-security products; the smart lock is one of them.

Schlage smart locks are trusted not only in the United States but around the world. In particular, the Schlage fe595 reviews series is most warmly received for its intelligence, stability, durability, and many other essential features.

To learn more about this industry-leading line of security devices, check out the reviews below!

The Schlage FE595 Reviews (Top 4 Choices of 2022)

The SCHLAGE FE595 has quite a few different lock patterns, and here are four typical representatives that you can’t help but consider:

#1. SCHLAGE FE595 PLY 619 LAT- Best for Durability

Product’s highlights

If you are looking for a security lock for the door of the garage, apartment, or home office, you must have at least once heard the name SCHLAGE FE595 PLY 619 LAT. This product beats nearly every competitor in the same price range in terms of security and convenience.

The above assertion is wholly grounded. Specifically, this model is made from high-quality satin Nickel, providing certainty and durability that defies any physical impact.

Besides, the flexible unlocking support between the numeric keypad or the key is also an essential factor in improving security. You will no longer have to worry about carrying or finding the key.

In particular, the manufacturer also provides this product with 19 different door opening codes. You can take advantage of this large number of regulations to set up access codes for each other objects, allowing you to set the time and number of times in and out of each object’s apartment.

The above feature will be helpful if you are a tenant or hire a housekeeper or cleaning staff. Or you have a lot of friends and relatives visiting, and you want to protect your apartment from intruders.

With all the advantages of innovative materials, FE595 PLY 619 LAT has received ANSI/BHM Level 2 standard rating.

More than simply a high-security model suitable for civil use, this Schlage representative also has many other advantages to enhance the user experience.

Specifically, this model is relatively easy to install. You can upgrade your traditional door into a highly secure numeric keypad door with just a few simple steps.

In addition, this lock pattern, like many other Schlage products, is quite impressive in appearance. The glossy but scratch-resistant, non-flaking coating of the product will surely impress you in the first use.

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  • Easy to disassemble, easy to replace the battery.
  • The backlight on the screen makes it easier to operate in the dark.
  • The look is both sleek and classic.
  • Solid Satin Nickel Material.
  • ANSI/BHM Level 2 Standard Rating.


  • Only designed as a home pattern, so not too durable for commercial use.

#2. SCHLAGE FE595 CAM 626 ACC – Best for Budget

Product’s highlights

Perfect in both first impressions and long-term security, plus the brand’s long-standing reputation, it is not difficult to understand that products from Schlage have a slightly higher price than others.

However, the exception happened with its. This product may not be in the low-cost segment, but it is the cheapest in the FE595 series. And you should not only consider this model not only because of its reasonable price but also because of the impressive features below.

First of all, it must be about the convenience of the product. It’s time to say goodbye to keyless locks – often not very secure and causing users some difficulties when searching or dropping.

With the SCHLAGE FE595 CAM 626 ACC, you don’t need a key. All you need to do is remember the code you have installed on the device and enter it anytime you want to open the door.

Another advantage of this pattern is that the product offers quite a few locking features. You can use the auto-lock feature to improve security in your apartment. The unlock feature on Schlage is quite convenient when you need to rotate and push a button.

Finally, the flexible feature allows you to do all of the above. You can also set up a 6-digit code for guests who visit once while you are away.

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  • Easy to install.
  • There is a low battery warning.
  • The backlit keyboard supports operation in the dark.
  • The price is a bit cheaper than similar models.
  • Made of high-quality metal, sturdy and elegant.


  • Not suitable for use in areas with extreme winters.

#3. SCHLAGE Satin FE595VCAM619ACC – Best for Security

Product’s highlights

There are quite a few advantages when it comes to FE595VCAM619ACC. This lock model has everything you look for in a security device, from easy to use, reliable, and incredibly durable.

First, you cannot doubt the security of a pattern from the Schlage brand. Because like all other products in the same line, FE595VCAM619ACC uses a password lock instead of a traditional key.

The automatic feature also improves the product’s security after only 5 seconds.

This feature will be of great help to those who are busy or forgetful. Instead of worrying about leaving your house in a hurry to lock the door or not, you can be sure that your home can avoid intruders with the latest trick.

Along with security, Schlage is constantly improving to enhance the user experience. And the FE595VCAM619ACC is no exception.

The manufacturer has been very subtle when it has equipped the keyboard backlight so that you can use it in the dark. Besides, whether left- or right-handed, you can set the lock as you like by the product’s reversing lever.

Not only that, but Schlage also set up just two programming codes, making it easy for any buyer to get acquainted and set up the device. It can be that SCHLAGE FE595VCAM619ACC is one of the few products that can be available right out of the factory.

Finally, the product has a relatively simple design, suitable for many different door styles and design styles. You can easily install the product on any door as long as the door has a standard thickness between 1.375 inches and 1.75 inches.

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  • Fit standard doors.
  • Two programming codes are available, so it’s always ready to go.
  • Convenient reversing lever.
  • Modern design, luxury.
  • Auto-lock feature after only 5 seconds.


  • Difficult to change the battery.

#4. SCHLAGE FE595 CAM 716 – Best for Access Control


Product’s highlights

SCHLAGE FE595 CAM 716 is one of the typical products of the FE595 series when it has all the advantages of this famous Schlage lock line. Instrument

The product has a striking design that captures attention from the very first use because you will want to install a lock knob with this classic, classy touch.

Besides, you’ll quickly fall in love with this lock model’s wear-resistant silicone-coated keyboard.

It can be that, from the color scheme to the solid design, Schlage’s products did not disappoint users at first sight.

Besides its beautiful design, FE595 CAM 716 is also a convenient and safe security solution. Like other lock models in the same line, the product supports unlocking with a password, so you no longer have to find the key every time you stand in front of the door or find a place to hide the key every time you want to leave the house.

This lock pattern is relatively easy to install. You don’t have to be an engineer to upgrade your door’s security. All you need is a screwdriver and quick installation.

After installation, it will not take you long to set up the code. In just a few seconds, you can add or modify user codes. This convenience makes it possible for you to share access to the apartment with friends and family but still ensures security.

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  • Easy installation, no complicated tools required.
  • Set up a code in seconds.
  • Classic and elegant design.
  • Unlock with password without using a key.
  • Security rating ANSI/BHMA level 2.


  • The price is a bit high compared to some similar products.


Gone are the days when you used your keys to secure your apartment. It’s time for you to say goodbye to the days of searching for keys and finding a place to hide them every time you go out.

Now, you have more innovative and more convenient options, and the Schlage FE595 is a typical example. With the list of lock models of the FE695 series above, we hope you’ll love this smart lock model with beautiful designs and convenient functions.

Last but not least, don’t forget to share this article with those who need similar versions. Your every share is an excellent motivation for us to continue creating other quality articles. Thank you for reading!

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