Schlage Keypad Lock Troubleshooting: Detailed Guides For Newbies

Schlage Keypad Lock Troubleshooting

Schlage Keypad Lock Troubleshooting: Ultimate Guides.

Schlange is a smart locking system that allows you to get in and out without using a key. It is suitable for modern apartments or residential areas.

However, advanced devices are not necessarily suitable for everyone. Those who are less exposed to technology will likely encounter the keypad lock problems.

Schlage Keypad Lock Troubleshooting

If you are in a similar situation, this article is for you. It includes basic information to help you figure out the Schlage keypad lock troubleshooting.

Let’s read on to discover right now!

Schlage Keypad Lock Troubleshooting

There are many causes of problems with your keypad lock. However, the article only outlines the most common and typical cases.

Replace Batteries

Schlage Keypad Lock Troubleshooting

Replace Batteries (link)

Many people have had a situation where the keyboard refused to lock. The cause of this problem could come from your battery being about to run out.

Therefore, the device will not be able to work properly, and most accurately, especially it will not work when the battery is completely exhausted.

The best advice for you is to try replacing the battery with a new one similar to the old one and lock the door with the keypad and test it.

It would help if you chose the same battery as the original battery because it will ensure the best accuracy and quality for you.

Then, if it works, you may have solved the problem. However, if the keypad does not work, go to the next step.

Check the lock if unlocked.

If you own the Schlage FE595, it includes an “unlock” feature that temporarily opens the lock. Please note that only this type has this special function.

Your safety will then go into “unlocked” mode. It means you won’t need a User Code to unlock.

When the “unlocked” feature is on, your door latch stays unlocked until you put it back in mode. You can check the rotation inside to see if it is vertical or not.

If so, you need to return it to the horizontal position corresponding to the locked state of the door.

Ensure The Lock is locking

You need to make sure you lock the door correctly. You need to recall and even re-implement the door process following the manufacturer’s regulations.

You have locked your Schlage keyboard through the keyboard correctly. In case you own a BE365, locking the door consists of pressing the Schlage button.

Next, you need to turn your thumb to get the door latch. However, this feature is only available when the active Turn and Leave status.

Otherwise, you need to enter a valid User Code and press the Schlage button. The next step is that you also rotate your thumb to the door latch.

Therefore, you will have different types of keyboard locks. All you need to do is read the instructions for use carefully and follow the proper procedures to lock the door latch.


Schlage Keypad Lock Troubleshooting

Reset (link)

After you have done all of the above and still cannot fix the problem, the cause may be an error that interferes with the locking process.

The work you need to do to resolve this situation is to restore the default factory settings on your key. It is the most common way when people fix some electronic problems, even failure.

If you have one of the Schlage models BE365, BE369, FE595, and FE575, the following factory reset is for you:

  • Step 1: Open the battery cover and remove the battery from the device
  • Step 2: Press as well as release your Schlage button.
  • Step 3: Perform the replacement and re-add the battery within 10 seconds. You continue to press as well as hold your Schlage button until it has green lights and the product beeps.

With that, your key has factory reset successfully and should be able to fix the “unlocking problem” you’re experiencing.

The key programming needs to use the Default Programming Code. The reason is that when you do this, all previous programming will be erased.

You can see this code on the assembly inside the padlock with the white sticker.

Finish with a physical key

Finally, it would help if you learned to lock the latch with a physical key to make sure your one is still working properly through the keyboard. You need to try locking with a physical key to see if it works.

If the keyboard still cannot work, you must contact Schlage Customer Support for advice and assistance.

However, if the physical key is not locked and the internal mechanism is jammed or damaged, you need to reinstall or replace the internal mechanism.


What does it mean when your Schlage lock blinks red?

Suppose you notice the red Schlage button blinking after entering the code.

It means the code you entered is incorrect. Also, if this still happens and flashes continuously, then your Schlage most likely has a low battery.

How long do batteries last in Schlage locks?

You can use your smart lock for 1-2 years before replacing the battery. The reason batteries can last for a long time is because they are lithium batteries.

So, the average life of this product is also longer than that of conventional batteries. Moreover, some manufacturers equip Z-Wave technology that allows you to connect your mobile phone to the smart lock.

Why does my Schlage lock keep dying?

There are many causes of Schlage dying like it is trying to connect to a network signal (weak/unstable).

You need to check your Wi-Fi settings in the Schlage Home App. If the intensity is low, you need to move the router closer to the device to improve. Another cause can also be that your battery is running low or has completely drained.

Does Smart Lock drain the battery?

Schlage Keypad Lock Troubleshooting

Smartlock drains the battery (link)

The answer is yes because you need to connect the device to the Wi-Fi Bridge. Therefore, the battery in the smart one will drain faster when you do this. Battery drain, when combined, is also faster.


The article mentioned the common causes and Schlage keypad lock troubleshooting. I hope the information in the article will help you better deal with the Schlage keypad lock. Thank you for reading!

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