Schlage Lock Blinks Green But Won’t Open: How To Fix?

Schlage lock is gradually becoming a favorite device of many families. It not only provides beneficial security features, but also ensures the safety of your home.

However, this device does not always work well. As a technology product, it can also encounter some minor problems from time to time.

One of the issues that people are very concerned about is Schlage lock blinks green but won’t open, a reasonably common condition.

If you are also looking for information about this problem, this article is the answer. We have compiled a guide on fixing this error in the most effective way.

What Is Schlage Lock?

Schlage Lock Blinks Green

Surely everyone has heard of the brand name, a famous American lock manufacturer. It was Walter who founded it in 1920.

The company’s headquarters were in San Francisco until 1997, when it was moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This company specializes in the production of safety devices for your home. Some distinct product lines of this company must be mentioned, such as Primus, Everest, and Everest Primus XP high-security cylinders and keys, …

In particular, the product line that people know and use the most is the lock, intelligent electronic locks that apply modern technology. As a result, it becomes an effective tool to help ensure safety and protect assets for each family.

These devices are famous for their modern technology, but their durability, construction materials, and designs also make a strong impression. This product is beneficial and handy with a compact, simple, elegant, and noble design.

How Does Schlage Lock Work?

Thanks to modern technology, these devices often operate according to electronic mechanisms as smart devices. Some of the tasks you need to do after installing this device include.

Lock setting

First, you need to activate the product by setting a password and activating the innovative lock feature. Depending on the type, you may have to enter a different number of passwords, possibly from four digits.

After you press the password and turn the lever, your door will be opened. Each time you close the door, the locks will automatically close when installed and activated.


To unlock, tap the screen, then enter the ball’s password. If the password is correct, the indicator light will flash green, and the doorbell will sound to open.

Conversely, if the passcode you entered is incorrect, the button will flash red, the door cannot be opened. At the same time, you will hear five beeps with different frequencies.

If you try wrong up to four times, the lock will not work. So, if you enter it incorrectly twice, you should stop and double-check to make sure it’s correct.

Note, usually, this lock works on battery power. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the problem of replacing the battery to ensure that the user does not cause problems.

Why Does The Schlage Lock Blink Green But Won’t Open

Schlage Lock Blinks Green

However, your family’s locks don’t always work well. They can cause many problems, even making it impossible for you to open the door.

Locks won’t open a reasonably common condition. Usually, it happens after you change the battery of your smart lock. Although you have entered the correct password, the light is green, but the door is not open, so what is the cause of this situation?

As explained by the manufacturer, after you replace the battery with a new one, this device will automatically restore to factory settings with the original passcode.

At that time, even though the password you entered is correct, it does not match the original password, so the light flashes green, but the door cannot be available.

In addition, starting the lock feature overrides, meaning you shortcut and use the key to open.

Schlage Lock Green But Won’t Open: How To Fix

Having a problem with locks won’t open, what should you do? Based on the cause of this problem, you probably have a solution for yourself.

In the first case, if you detect that the lock’s override has started, use the key to open the door as usual.

Then, to be able to turn off this function, you need to do the following:

  • Go inside, disassemble the device.
  • Disconnect the locks from the power source and remove the battery
  • Check the key override slot area. If you detect it is in the LOCKOUT state, use a small screwdriver or sharp object that can be inserted into the slot and return to the normal state.
  • Finally, reinsert the battery and reinsert the device.

Rechecked operation is to identify the problem with the blue light flashing, but the door not opening was fixed.

The second case, if this problem arises after you replace the battery. It would help if you tried entering the original root password. Then, perform the new password reset just as you first installed the one.

If you have tried all the methods and it still does not work, the best solution is to contact the company’s technical service department. These staff will come and assist you in solving it.


To help you use locks effectively, we have compiled some more common errors with this device. Please refer to the following content to learn more about them.

Why does my Schlage lock keep blinking green?

First, people are concerned with the indicator light of the lock, wildly why the light is blinking blue.

When you enter the correct password, the device will flash a long green flash and emit a long beep to indicate the successful process.

On the contrary, if you enter the wrong password, the flash will blink red, and the sound indicates a problem.

What happens if Schlage battery dies?

Schlage Lock Blinks Green

 Schlage battery dies ( Youtube)

Although this device can connect to the mains, you need to install the battery and charge the battery regularly to ensure proactively and resolve power failure.

In the event of a power outage and the battery no longer working, you will need to activate emergency mode to open the door.

Why is my Schlage lock keypad not working?

Schlage Lock Blinks Green

Schlage lock keyboard (Youtube)

Many reasons can lead to your Schlage lock keypad not working. A basic, most common cause is a low or dead device battery.

In addition, if you enter the wrong password more than 4 times, this device will automatically stop working for safety. Because then it perceives that your action is an unusual intrusion.

Watch this video out for a detailed explanation:

Closing Points

The Schlage is a modern and helpful device for everyone. However, some problems may arise during use, and you need to find the best way to fix them.

Hopefully, with the information we provided in this article, you could quickly and effectively resolve the Schlage lock green but won’t open the problem.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you have any questions. Also, do not forget to share this article on social networks so that your friends or relatives who may need this article can reach it.

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