Schlage Lock Not Working After Battery Change – Tips To Solve It Like A Pro

The Schlage smart electronic lock is an ultimate security measure for the safety of your home that runs on batteries.

When there are signs of low battery, you want to replace them with new replacements, but sometimes problems arise right after you complete this task.

The Schlage lock not working after a battery change gives you a headache but don’t know how to fix it? The process is easier than you think! Just a few steps to check and reset, now your device can normally work again.

This article will guide you in detail on completely fixing this problem. If you’re looking for an answer, scroll down and discover it right away!

Schlage Lock Not Working After Battery Change- Why?

There are many causes of the lock not working after replacing the battery for it. The first thing you should suspect is the new battery you are using.

Dozens of battery-related problems will greatly affect the normal operation of the locking system.

Wiring can also sometimes cause problems with the operation of this device. It acts as a conductor providing power for the operation of the locking system.

Once this conductor fails, the lack of power will cause the device to stop working immediately.

The code error was the final argument regarding the Schlage lock’s non-functioning after changing batteries. This error sometimes appears but will also adversely affect the operation of this device.

How To Solve Schlage Lock Not Working After Battery Change

Schlage Lock

How To Solve Schlage Lock Not Working After Battery Change

Just go through three easy steps, and you will fix this error! What are you waiting for! Please quickly scroll down to see what you need to do next.

Check The Batteries

Schlage locks have recommendations on which batteries will go with this brand’s electronic/smart lock products. If you violate these notes, your lock will be in trouble and not work as expected.

Good performance is the first factor you need to ensure for these power sources. Many users often mistake old batteries with new ones, leading to abnormal operations.

Schlage also recommends that all their products have only alkaline batteries as a sole power source. While some other rechargeable batteries (such as lithium) can also do this task, there is a great risk of the lock not working.

How To Solve Schlage Lock Not Working After Battery Change

Alkaline batteries

Each Schalage’s model specifies an appropriate number and type of batteries to ensure stable operation. If you do not have any ideas, please refer to the table.

Model Required batteries Required numbers
Sense Smart Deadbolt/ Connect Smart Deadbolt/ Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt AA 4
Touch locks/ All models of Keypad locks 9 volt 1
Locks have the Built-In Alarm AAA 2


Check The Battery Connector

In case that Schage’s batteries are perfect, but the product still won’t work, it’s best to give your attention to the battery connector. Improper connection will prevent this item from working properly as a conductor.

The battery connector breaks (or opens) after you accidentally damage it in a few cases. If you’re in this situation, you’ll need to replace it with a brand new one.

How To Solve Schlage Lock Not Working After Battery Change

Check the connector

Reset Factory Settings

Reset factory settings are complicated to complete with the five small steps below. Follow them, and you’ll have your Schlage lock fixed!

Locate the Factory Preset Code

The first step you need to take to reset this product is to verify the original code (default code) for this device. You can find it in the manual that comes with it or on the stickers outside the lock.

This code number plays a role in this entire reset process. Once you lose all information about this code, the manufacturer will not help you with anything.

Open the Lock Housing

Use a screwdriver to remove all fixing screws on the back of the padlock. After everything is perfect, look for the preset codes on the white sticker.

Push Reset Button or Disconnect Battery

After completing the above two steps, now it’s time to reset the Schlage lock using the two methods available below.

If you find the reset button under the lock cover, you need to press and hold it until the red light disappears. Release your hand, and wait until the light turns blue shortly after. That means that your key has finished resetting itself.

If there is a lack of a reset button, you will have to follow a slightly more manual method – disconnect the device’s battery.

Clear the Door Lock Codes

Now it’s time to delete the current passcode! It would help if you held the “Schlage” button on your keyboard until the light turned green.

Release the hand holding the button and spend the next 10 seconds reconnecting the battery of the dongle. After completing this task, you need to keep pressing and holding the “Schlage” button again until a “beep” sounds.

Reset the Lock

To complete the Schlage reset process, you will need to enter the factory preset code with the product. Wait until the setup is done, then end this step by entering your new codes.

How To Solve Schlage Lock Not Working After Battery Change

Completing the setup progress


Why Is My Schlage Lock Blinking Red After Changing Batteries?

If this happens, it means your batteries are dead. You will need to replace them with some new ones immediately for the lock to resume normal operation.

How Long Do 9v Schlage Batteries Last?

9-volt batteries are the typical power supply for the Schlage Touch model.

According to the stats regarding this model, these batteries have a lifespan of up to 2 years without any problems.

The low battery warning will appear long before the batteries drain, so you have plenty of time to prepare new replacements.

How Often Should I Replace Aa Batteries For Schlage Smart Locks?

As recommended by experts, Schlage brand smart locks should receive new AA batteries with a cycle of once a year. That ensures the most stable operation of the device without any battery problems.

Final Verdict

The Schlage lock not working after battery change will make it difficult for newbies who don’t have the experience to fix this problem. As long as you carefully follow the steps we have instructed, success is definitely in your hands.

This article gives you an overview of the causes and how to fix the failure of Schlage locks when receiving a new power supply, and it’s your turn.

Roll up your sleeves and fix your locks right now!

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