The Pros And Cons Of Smart Locks

Smart Lock is an invention that has received different reviews. Do you know the pros and cons of Smart Locks?

This product launched brings many conveniences, such as monitoring or controlling remotely. You won’t have to worry about finding the key every time.

Yet, it still has disadvantages such as dependence on electricity or the internet. Although it is also secure, it is still at risk of being broken by technology experts.

So let’s find out the pros and cons of Smart Locks right in the following article to see if you should install them for your home!

Pros of Smart Locks

As an invention born in the digital and high-tech era, smart locks meet many people’s needs. It not only makes life more convenient and faster but also helps to solve many other problems.

Devices can be controlled remotely.

Pros And Cons Of Smart Locks

There are many types of smart locks. Depending on the price, their function and quality will be different. When electronic locks first appeared, they were simply keyless locks in the past.

After gradually developing, it can be available with remote control within a certain distance. Now the lock can be integrated, displayed, tracked, and controlled with a mobile app.

Thanks to this function, you can lock or open the door for guests who enter the house but have not returned in time. You can also check and shut the door while on the road without worrying if you have closed the door.

This built-in function makes it more convenient for users to worry less about minor problems in life.

No need for physical keys

Pros And Cons Of Smart Locks

The physical key is relatively small in size, and many people accidentally forget or drop the key when not paying attention.

In these cases, you will worry; try to remember where you have left the key or drop it and find it. The worst thing is that you can’t find the key and have to resort to the help of locksmiths.

You won’t need to worry about a minor key with intelligent locks. All operations and actions with the door can be on the phone interface.

Even if you don’t want to go out with your phone, you can still open the door with biometric signs. If your house has many people living together, you can also set up a digital password so that everyone can quickly enter and exit.

Easy to open the door

Pros And Cons Of Smart Locks

Traditional locks are often quite numerous, and each person will carry several to dozens of different keys.

These keys often have a similar shape and are difficult to distinguish. You will have to mark, or a specific symbol to choose the key more attentively.

Some people with diseases that blur their eyes and shake hands will have a lot of trouble choosing and putting the right key in the lock. So intelligent locks will help them solve seemingly radical problems when they want to enter the house.

Like a regular key, it will be broken or dull after a while. The smart lock is a reasonable choice for you to stop worrying about home security safely.

Can monitor status even when not at home

Several types of smart locks on the market allow different passwords to be available for access. For example, you open a company and give each person a different password. These passwords all have the right to open the door but will also be a source of employee time management data.

Most smart locks have an alarm function. If you have a long business trip and a bad guy breaks into your house, the app will alert you. At this point, you can adjust the alarm sound or ask a loved one to check on the situation.

Cons of Smart Locks

In addition to the benefits that intelligent locks bring, this product still has flaws that need to overcome. These disadvantages are mostly not too significant and won’t affect under normal conditions.

Possible problems due to software bugs

There have been recorded cases of homeowners unable to enter the house because the control panel of the lock has a technical error.

When first launched, the application may not have undergone enough testing and encountered errors that the manufacturer did not expect.

Another situation like losing your phone, connection failure, or no internet can also prevent you from entering the house.

You should choose a lock that can be in many different ways instead of just opening it with your phone. It will help choose reputable brands to ensure safety and timely support during use.

Depending on the power source

Smart lock works based on the power supply and internet connection. You may be worried about a power outage and won’t be able to open the door. However, these locks always have a backup battery for you to use in such cases.

Some locks use rechargeable batteries; when the battery is exhausted, you can remove the charger and replace it with a spare battery.

There are also some other types with longer battery life, but you will have to replace the whole set of locks if the battery runs out.

Usually, before the battery runs out, the safety will have a signal like a beep or light to notify that it is time for you to replace the battery.

Strangers can break in with high technology.

Whether you use a physical key or a smart key, there is a risk of outside intrusion if someone does it on purpose.

However, with a smart lock, the security will be higher, and if you want to access the data and break the lock, it will require high technology and a lot of time.

The experts who made these locks must have also considered the worst-case scenario. They also equip many layers of security with complex algorithms, and not everyone can successfully solve them.

Besides, the manufacturer also installs a warning feature for you if someone tries to break your lock through the phone application.

Smart locks also have many types, and if you use the class to enter the code to get in and out, they can also be easily stolen.

A small camera that tracks finger movements or remote monitoring can also quickly know the password to your home. So if you use this type of lock, you should cover it carefully and look around before entering the code.

Large installation cost

Pros And Cons Of Smart Locks

The cost of installing a smart lock can be ten times more expensive than installing a regular lock. In addition to the cost of buying locks, you will also need to hire workers to install them if you are not tech-savvy.

In addition, you may also need to pay a management fee on the phone if there is a high demand for use and many features.

If you have a traditional lock, you can easily replace it by going to the store to buy it, but you can’t do that with a smart lock.

In the worst case, the coil may fail, then you need to call a technician to handle it. The cost of repairing and replacing a new set of locks will also cost you a significant amount.


Regardless of the traditional door lock method or new inventions, there are advantages and disadvantages of their own. You can choose an appropriate solution based on your conditions, circumstances, and needs.

For example, you should use traditional locks, tiny houses in the suburbs, poor transmission conditions, and you don’t live often. If you manage a business or have a home in a big city, using a smart lock will be a better choice.

Hopefully, the article has provided you with helpful information.

Thank you for your interest in the article!

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