Popular Types Of Door Locks: Details For Each One

Types Of Door Locks

To better meet the needs of preventing intruders and maintaining user privacy, manufacturers have brought many different types of door locks.

Types Of Door Locks

Each one has its use and security. To make it easier for you to choose, here are some interesting facts about the most popular options that you are interested in.

Types Of Door Locks

The level of security and the suitability of the door are issues you need to consider when choosing a lock. Each of the names below fulfills the above criteria in different ways. Here is some information that you can refer to:

Knob Locks

Types Of Door Locks

Knob version (link)

The knob is one of the oldest designs available today and is also the most popular choice today.

To identify the knob one, you only need to look at the locking post. Instead of being in the fold, the pillar will be in the knob.

Because of this feature, knob locks have never been the ideal choice for exterior doors. With just essential tools like a hammer or wrench, intruders can destroy the knob and break into your apartment.


One of the most significant advantages of Padlocks is their portability, which does not require a permanent attachment to the fold. Instead, this design can be flexibly attached to the fold with its circular handle shackle shape.

Another issue you should also be aware of: there are quite a few different styles of Padlocks. One of the most striking variations of this design is the protected padlock, which can prevent entry attempts with a bolt cutter.

Deadbolt Locks

If you are looking for a reliable method of securing your door, a latching one is an option well worth considering.

This product will include a latch that can be moveable without a spring.

The operating mechanism relies only on turning the knob and key, making the device able to withstand physical attacks, thereby being more durable and ensuring better safety.

Another commendable advantage of this design is that there are quite a few designs for you to choose from.

Specifically, you have three main choices: single, double, and vertical.

Among them, the single-cylinder design is the simplest option. With this design, you can activate the product from only one side when you have the key in hand. Meanwhile, the double latch supports opening the fold from both sides.

Finally, the vertical latch works similarly to the two options above. The only difference is that this design allows you to move the safety up and down instead of horizontally. If you particularly appreciate the ability to resist break-ins with tools like crowbars, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy this type of design.

Smart Locks

Types Of Door Locks

Smart Locks (link)

The smart one comes with a keyboard in addition to the traditional keyhole.

This versatile electronic security device supports more ways of opening the door. In particular, one of the most convenient ways is to use a smartphone to open/close the door.

Some popular options now also support connection with WiFi or Bluetooth, making it possible for you to integrate this security device with the system of other home automation devices.

The only downside when you choose this type of lock is that you need to make sure the power is stable, and don’t forget to change the batteries regularly.

Cam Locks

A cam lock is a cylindrical device integrated with a stainless steel tube and a hole in the side. The device also comes with a lanyard with the cam, and you rotate it to lock it.

This type often appears on document cabinets and vending machines with the above characteristics. You can completely trust using this one to protect your sensitive documents and objects.

Mortise Locks

Types Of Door Locks

Mortise Locks (link)

Mortise locks are one of the best candidates for installation on exterior doors. Even heavy-duty products are reliable enough to secure commercial projects.

Making up the above protective power, it is impossible not to mention the powerful internal system and the operating principle based on the knob or lever.

In particular, placing the box lock in a deep cavity also creates a reasonably reliable security mechanism.

Another commendable advantage of this design is the flexible height component.

It can be that no matter what type of door, you can secure your apartment with this type of product.


The information above will help you recognize and distinguish some of the common types of locks. But to choose the product that best suits your door type and requirements, you can’t miss the following information.

What are the 4 types of locks with the definition?

The four most common locks to date are knob, latch, mic, and lever.

How do I know what type of lock I have?

To distinguish different types of keys, you will have to take care of quite a few issues. Also, you should keep an eye out for the latch on the door.

What are the most common types of locks?

As mentioned above, you will be familiar with five designs, respectively latch, smart, Padlocks, knob, and mortise lock, regarding apartment security.

Which type of door lock is the best?

The answer depends on the type of door your security requirements.

For example, a cam lock will be the best choice for the security of file cabinets.

Meanwhile, don’t overlook the latch one if you are looking for a reliable product for your exterior door.

What is the safest type of door lock?

It is no coincidence that the latch version is always believed to appear on the exterior door of the apartment. If you value security and the ability to withstand most of today’s intrusion methods, this design is the best choice.

Which one is better, Schlage or Kwikset?

Schlage has long been known for its rigorous manufacturing processes, resulting in highly reliable products.

Compared to products from Kwikset, Schlage also has two more security latches, thereby improving resistance to shocks or other intrusion attempts.


With increasing security needs, more types of door locks are born today.

Although manufacturers are offering products with new designs, the names appearing in the article are still reliable choices that you should not give up.

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